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Re: Theos-World Re: Mother Shipton

Aug 09, 2006 00:54 AM
by samblo

  Well I'm not having a lot of luck finding the Mother Shipton Book so far 
but I did turn up the below works you may or may not know of:

1. The Prophecies of Saints Colum-Cille, Maeltamlacht, Ultan, Senan, Bearcan, 
and Malachy 1856 Dublin James Duffy &Co. Ltd.

2. Anton Johanson - The Christian Seer from the Norwegian Finnmark 1940 
Osterhus Publishing House Minn. USA

3. The Second Book of Acts - Setting forth the Blessed Mary's Teachings about 
Reincarnation     Discovered and Translated by Kenneth Sylvan Guthrie A.M, 
Ph.D, M.D.   Distributed by Clarion chandler Cave Junction, Or.

The Mother Shipton Book is here somewhere lol, it may take a while to find, 
it is a paper edition and small only about 50 pages about 5 x 4 inches.


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