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Re: Theos-World Pelletier, Cranston and History

Aug 07, 2006 05:17 PM
by MarieMAJ41

Carlos, regarding your text given below, I too would like to see a History  
published. But I think the reason it has not been is because there are still 
too  many theosophists involved with the 1950-to-present period alive. There 
would  perhaps be too much disagreement among them as to what constitutes a true  
historical perspective, or simply put, what is the TRUTH of it.
Each participant would want their involvement to be presented by them, and  
therefore no real perspective could be possible.
But that does not mean that a compilation could not be made, by each  of the 
notables (and they know who they are) that could still be a valuable  addition 
to the lore already presented. And that does not mean that we would  stop 
disagreeing about the matter among ourselves, would it?

In the posting below, I did not mention Ernest Pelletiers'  "The Judge Case" 
and other important books (like Cranston's etc.) because I was  thinking of 
the period post-1950, as a subject. 

My point is that the  period 1950-2006, seen as a whole, has not been 
properly dealt with. 

For  instance, what about an evaluation of the last end-of-century effort, 

I have some material at the private personal level, but who wrote about  it 
in a comprehensive way so far? 

And what about the  start-of-the-And what about t

Many historical questions open.  

Regards, Carlos. 

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