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Re: Theos-World Leadbeater in Brazil?

Aug 07, 2006 05:09 PM
by MarieMAJ41

Carlos, below is given text that you wrote under 2 subject headers:
"Leadbeater in Brazil?" and "PEDRO, C.W.L. & BRAZIL" except, in  the 2nd 
subject line your salutation reads: Dear Pedro, Gregory and Theos-talk  Friends. 
The reason I am bringing this up again? I am wondering why this is  done? The 
same message, repeated with a different subject line? I asked this  question 
before, and you declined to answer under the auspices of the  so-called TRUCE.  
In the spirit of open communication, and also under  the auspices of the same 
TRUCE, I respectfully ask you this again. Thank you,  Carlos.
Dear Gregory, Dear Friends, 

Thanks to Gregory. I did some  investigation about that. 

There was no such thing as the violent revolt  and other events in Brazil as 
described by Leadbeater in the text you discuss.  

Brazilian indigenous peoples (as also black people) here were and are  
peaceful and not violent at all. 

To formalize that, I got the testimony  of a Historian -- and bibliography 
also clarifies that. 

This is one of  the things already investigated by me and which I still have 
to put into English  and bring here. 

I wrote to Ms. Joy Mills in December 1999 and among  other topics confronted 
her with these facts and asked her opinion. She then  wrote to me considering 
it an established fact that Leadbeater never came to  Brazil. And Joy referred 
to Tillett's book without naming it. Yet she apparently  wanted me to remain 
silent about the facts. That I did not do. 

The  response to the fact that Leadbeater never came to Brazil, from other 
Adyar TS  leaders (in Brazil and elswhere), has been one of pure DENIAL. They 
simply avoid  the subject so far. 

I would like them to see and realize that no  theosophical institution, 
corporation or group can benefit from denying facts.  

In the long run, legitimate institutions can only benefit from searching  for 
truth and accepting events as they are. 

I say this because true  peace -- or a lasting truce in the movement -- 
cannot be separated from Ethics,  Justice or Truthfulness. 

We may well suffer from a thousand illusions;  but there must be a mutual 
permission to be sincere and to share our views about  truth, as this is an 
essential part of any learning process. 

Of course,  all of the groups in the movement have made and still make 
mistakes, so it is  not an exercise of finger-pointing. It is but the practice of 
opening one's mind  and sharing one's thoughts. 

Perhaps Pedro Oliveira and others can help  us get to another and better 
level of dialogue. 

I am reasonably  confident about that. 

Hopeful regards, Carlos.  


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