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Aug 07, 2006 04:33 PM
by Cass Silva



“This is pretty  straightforward, or is it? Kill what?
Killing is understood to mean ending  the life of a living creature. Does 
this mean just human beings or all  living animals, birds and fish? 
Hunters will say that is foolishness, that  wild life was given to 
humanity for their use. For their use, yes, but not  for their insatiable 
pleasure of killing for the thrill of killing.
The  act of killing, especially when it becomes a sport, dulls a part of 
the  human appreciation for beauty and for life. Animals hunt other 
animals as  prey because their need for food demands that they be 
predators. Human  beings were given the ability and knowledge to eat and 
grow many other kinds  of food besides meat, which give very adequate 
nutrition for the body’s  needs. Protein is available in many other forms.
When humans continually turn  their minds to acting like predators, it 
becomes easy to think of other  humans as prey. This kind of confusion 
has been instilled in the minds of  many people today and much of your 
human killing has resulted from this kind  of thinking.
The Life Force breathed into each living creature is the most  important 
and precious thing there is. The Creator has shared this mighty  force 
with It’s creations for a purpose, and no sentient being has the right  
to kill another, for that goes against God’s purpose.
Killing another  human being creates terrible circumstances for the loved 
ones of the dead  person, no matter whether in war, personal vengeance, 
or sport. As heartless  as this may seem, this is not the issue here. 
Tragedies in each life are  dealt with through each person’s own 
awareness, experiences, and spiritual  guidance.
Some religions say that killing another person is an unforgivable  sin. 
No, it is not. There is no “sin” or wrong-doing that God does not  
forgive. It is the spiritual being of the human killer that has to find  
forgiveness of his/her own action through successive lifetimes in the  
same physical dimension/world in which the killing was committed. Only  
then will that tragic stain on the soul be erased forever.
Killing the  body of an incarnated spiritual being not only cuts off that 
lifetime, but  also the very important purpose for which that person came 
into being on the  Earth. The Soul Being then has to recuperate from the 
shock its sudden (or  not-so-sudden) murder, then regroup its experiences 
and try for another  lifetime to complete that purpose, which in this 
point in your time will not  be such as easy thing to do. The stain on 
the soul of the killer from this  action is considerable. When the killer 
has killed before and keeps on  killing, the inner pressure on the 
conscience mounts up very quickly, even  if the killer refuses to be 
aware of that inner feeling of wrong-doing. The  conscience is like a 
tape recorder; it never forgets. Whatever happens as a  consequence of 
the murder(s) in this physical lifetime – jail, execution, or  even 
getting away with it, has no meaning in the annals of universal time.  
The debt must be paid in spiritual terms. The taking of a human life  
which god has given is the most serious mis-deed that a human being can  
The next lifetime of the killer in matter, if and when that  entity 
decides to make the decision to take on that responsibility, will  
probably be filled with the utmost misery, in relation to what misery  
was meted out to the victim and his or her loved ones by the killer.  
People born with severe disfigurements or crippled limbs are very often  
experiencing the other side of the coin in this manner. Intense pain in  
the new lifetime is a common payment for the taking of a life.
The  spiritual soul being must experience the pain it has caused other 
human  beings in order to balance the complete experience of that 
lifetime. Each  experience in matter has a duality, and you know this as 
cause and effect.  Both the cause and the effect must be part of the 
lifetime experience.  Sometimes a Soul Entity who has killed in matter 
sets up the circumstances  of actually being killed in a subsequent 
lifetime in order to completely  experience that cause and effect. A 
stain on the soul must be removed, no  matter how hard the ordeal in 
matter must be, for the soul being cannot move  forward or backward on 
its Path of Knowledge in the spiritual realms until  this balance of 
experience has been affected.
Back to animals, birds, and  fish. The inborn knowledge of this 
Commandment keeps many enlightened people  from hunting or fishing 
because they feel an inner guilt for even thinking  about it. Eating the 
dead flesh of these living creatures is becoming a  no-no for many people 
because of that inner restriction.
The Supreme  Intelligence is a God of Love and knows that the flesh of 
animals, fish and  birds have always been needed for the sustenance of 
His Children. There has  never been a stain recorded on a soul for seeing 
that enough food was put on  the table, of any kind. At this point in 
your evolution, the Mind of God  still has not put any such restrictions 
upon His Children.
However, there  will be stains on the souls of those who kill living 
creatures for the  pleasure of it, or for any reasons other than 
providing food or for  balancing herds in order that they may live 
When killing is  done to supply meat, it must be done quickly and 
painlessly. The commercial  slaughterhouses of today are not known for 
their mercy or respect for the  animals they slay for food. We are 
pleased that so many organizations around  the world are trying to change 
this wrongful attitude.
`Many cultures ask  permission of the animal’s spirit to take its life 
for food, and thank them  for it when the animal is dead. This is showing 
respect for the Life Force.  There must be respect for all of God’s 
creatures; cruelty to any of them  will be paid for.
As humanity evolves into higher frequencies and awareness,  the need for 
eating the dead flesh of other creatures will cease. Many of  you are 
already experiencing difficulty digesting meat. Fish and fowl will  be 
eaten for a long time yet, but the time will come when physical food  
will represent a very small part of the energy you will need for your  
lighter bodies.
Humanity’s lust for violence and cruelty is a stain on  your entire 
species; this is a prime source of negativity that must, and  will be, 
erased from your world before the reign of the Christ. “

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