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Re: Theos-World Theosphical View of War and Violence

Aug 07, 2006 04:31 PM
by Cass Silva

I thought this was worth passing on.  Whether from the Masters or not, it is sound, imo.


August 1,  2006

Greetings from the pine forest of Central Arizona, where we  have finally 
had some hard, wonderful Thunderstorms and hard rains! Although  there 
have been many small fires all over Arizona, we have again been  spared. 
Our family has had its ups and downs, but compared to the rest of  the 
we are blessed beyond compare!

Masters, July has  been a difficult month for Planet Earth, with the 
atmosphere throwing  storms, flooding, high winds, fires, and heat waves 
at humanity and the  living things that keep us going. Would you please 
give us an inkling of  what August will hold in store? Perhaps also, how 
much weather conditions  have had to do with the madness in the Middle 
East and the failure of  leadership in our own country?

MASTERS: “The Earth’s atmosphere is indeed  pounding the land and 
humanity during this new cycle of weather conditions.  The fluctuations 
you are experiencing will continue in August, then  gradually calm down 
in September, at least to some extent. The heat waves in  the U.S. are 
being echoed in many other parts of the world, causing many  deaths and 
baking the soil where there is no attending rainfall. The moving  
continental plates send electrical frequencies into the atmospheric band  
around your world as they rub against the lower part of the planet’s  
crust, causing a good deal of the disturbance you have been seeing. The  
Sun’s higher energy output the last year has of course upset the normal  
cycles on your planet and upon the other planets in your Solar System.  
The movements in the Indonesia group of islands are continuing and will  
cause more quakes and volcanic eruptions during the next few months, we  
are sad to say. Many island people will have to find new homes. The heat  
waves in the U.S. will calm down to some extent, but may flare up again  
by the end of August and lasting into the first part of September. This  
will depend upon the plate movements in the Pacific and the Arctic. Deep  
movements under the northern ice packs are causing much of the friction  
setting up higher temperatures in the seas there and melting seasonal  
ice. Yes, humanity has helped the warming of the Earth by unconscionable  
emissions of gases for years, and all of these actions have joined  
together to see the planet changing its face drastically. Fortunately,  
the stubborn mentality of scientific thought is changing rapidly and  
there is, at least, efforts being made to accept what is and to work  
with nature as it is today. In August, in the U.S. and around the world,  
expect the unexpected as weather conditions flare, then disappear. High  
temperatures will cause more fires in dry forests and crop lands, clouds  
will drop floods of water, causing rivers and streams to overflow, some  
land areas will be cut off from moisture and crops will fail. Tornadoes  
will appear out of nowhere and make conditions on land, as well as on  
the sea, very dangerous. The good news is that these conditions are on  
the downswing and should play themselves out in about two, or no more  
than three months. Keep emergency supplies on hand and have plans with  
family and friends of where to go or where to meet if you are separated  
for any reason. Think about what you might need to do to protect  
yourself in any of these weather emergencies – don’t wait until it  happens.
You ask to what extent all of these things affect the thinking of  
leaders and groups of people around the world today? The Middle East has  
been shaken by quakes and lack of water for a long time, and these  
people can only consider in what way to stay alive. If they receive help  
from the fanatical religious militants, of course they will do what they  
say – this is all they know. The vibrations in the earth in that part of  
the world are extremely unsettled. This is felt by those visiting these  
areas, trying to help peace agreements, and wonder what is happening  
when these is little response to their offerings. There is tremendous  
discontent in the Pacific island nations because of the strong  
vibrations in the grinding plates. Human beings are constructed out of  
the same atoms as the earth they live upon and feel very keenly the  
changes going on below and around them. The difference is, and will be,  
how humanity understands this common electrical creativity and copes  
with it personally. Interesting lifetime, isn’t  it?


Masters:  The world is watching in horror as Israel and Lebanon pound 
each other with  guided missiles, destroying lives and an entire way of 
life for thousands of  people. Now there is an upswing in the belief that 
this is indeed Armageddon  at last! Is the Middle East going to explode 
entirely across the deserts and  mountains of the ancient world? In one 
month, the hatred of two countries  has destroyed what the peace keepers 
have been trying so hard to put  together. What do you see happening this 
month and the months to  come?

MASTERS: “There is sadness in the spiritual realm at what is  happening 
on your beautiful planet. The “chosen people” are choosing to use  the 
excuse of the kidnapping of two young men to let loose with their  
instruments of destruction in order to gain access to Palestinian land.  
The Hezbollah of Palestine are committed to killing every Jew they can  
find and regaining the land that was taken from them years ago. Where is  
there a chance to learn to live together in peace? Nowhere for a long  
time. The militant organizations in the Middle East are continuing to  
train and brain wash their young people to the extent that logic and  
spiritual realities will be impossible to find. Is this Armageddon as  
the Bible foretold? Actually, there have been many Armageddons over the  
centuries, and yes, this is one of them. Is this the start of World War  
3? No, the rest of the world wants nothing to do with this and is even  
now pulling back from any involvement with the countries who have gone  
entirely mad.
At this point in time, we are seeing Iran highly involved  in this 
movement, using their atomic weapons to swing the situations to  their 
own concepts of what their world should be. If there does not appear a  
wiser, authoritative leader who will see the futility in all this and  
bring it to a halt, the possibility of an atomic blast in the Middle  
East is almost a given. Will an atomic war break out that will involve  
Europe and the North American Continent? No. What may well happen is a  
serious shakeup in the leadership of several countries as they maneuver  
to keep their own governments stable and operating in a peaceful mode  
for their people. The American President finds himself in a vise, with  
many factions trying to sway him their way, using the Middle East  
situation as a tool to mold him into what they want him to create for  
them. The mid-term elections coming up soon will be a furious battle  
between the parties and between religious ideas and ideals as the Bible  
Belt sees the world situation as the start of the End of the World.
We  tell you this: Greed, envy, the quest for power, is coming to a point 
where  humanity will finally call a halt to all of it! It is the old 
story of  having to hit bottom before one reaches up to God for help, 
acknowledging  the failures and wrong doings and accepting the fact that 
the inner being of  every human being, for the most part, has been 
ignored and put down.  Humanity is not the ignorant savages they once 
were, and spiritual knowledge  and scientific knowledge will combine to 
realize what needs to be done to  prevent the madness of the Middle East 
to spread any further. The tribal  elders and the Taliban will continue 
to terrorize their own people to the  point of extermination to a large 
degree. We see this continuing for many  months, until finally the fire 
will burn itself out and intelligent thought  will start to appear again. 
The Israeli and Palestinian people, the deeply  religious wise men and 
women, and those who have been trying to build a  harmonious and peaceful 
nation, will overpower the leaders who are hell-bent  to gain more land 
and take over their part of the world. They will finally  be the ones to 
call a halt to the madness and try to find ways to finalize  peace for 
themselves and their neighbors, but that is a way down the road,  yet.
Earth movements are being exacerbated by the terribly negative  
vibrations in these regions, and more earthquakes will make the living  
conditions almost unbearable in many mountainous villages. Yes, what  
humanity creates in their ways of dealing with each other does affect  
the planet itself, for the frequencies that exist above and under the  
surface of the land must be in balance for the land to be filled with  
“milk and honey”. The imbalance being created now will cause the  
already-disturbed faults to heave and groan very soon again.
What can our  readers do about ending this war? Very little, actually. 
The pattern has  been set globally, and must play itself out. What you 
can do is to direct  your thoughts to the leaders of these factions, 
sending strong concepts of  peace and the activation of their own inner 
conscience as to what they are  doing to themselves and those whom they 
seek to rule. “Peace” is a word that  is being thrown around without many 
understanding what it means. It is not a  condition of living with 
everything going just right, Peace is an inner  condition of the mind and 
heart that guides the human being along the paths  he or she has chosen 
without deviations that are thrown at them by the  negative forces in the 
universe. When the inner Peace has been accepted and  acknowledged as the 
right way to live, everything else will fall into place.  This is what 
you need to use your prayers and thoughts to do for all those  who are so 
misdirected in their thinking and actions, in the Middle East and  the 
entire world! Sending thoughts of hate and retribution will only make it  
worse, can you not understand that?
It is important now, for every  country in this world, to maintain a 
stable way of life, using freedom of  mind and actions as the mainstay of 
government and social sciences. As these  misguided fanatics and 
militants find themselves in holes they cannot get  out of, they will 
peek over the edges and see that there are better ways to  live in this 

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