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Re: Leadbeater Biographies

Aug 07, 2006 04:23 PM
by Mark Jaqua

Re:  Leadbeater Biographies
      I hope Dr. Tillet goes ahead with 
the reprint of "Elder Brother" in spite 
of having a wealth more material for a 
different book.  How many times I remember 
seeing that another book was planned on 
this or that subject by an author, but 
didn't materialize for one unforseen 
reason or another.  Grab the opportunity!
I wouldn't doubt the resulting metaphysical 
heat is considerable, for the author, however!
            - jake j.
<14a. Leadbeater biographies
    Posted by: "" 
    Date: Sun Aug 6, 2006 1:47 am (PDT)
  <I agree with Pedro that there should be multiple biographies of 
  <He appears, however, to forget that there are already three – mine, the 
<work by Hugh Shearman (Theosophist and Liberal Catholic Priest) and 
that by
<Peter Michel (Theosophist, and written in German: “Charles W. 
Leadbeater: Mit
den Augen des Geistes”).
  <Perhaps Pedro might explain why none of these – even that of Shearman, 
<by the St Alban Press, publishers to the Liberal Catholic Church – 
seems to have
<been reviewed (or even acknowledged) in a Liberal Catholic Church 
<Perhaps the reason is that all three acknowledge that Leadbeater was 
born in
1854, contrary to his claim to have been born in 1847.
  <No doubt Pedro will also be able to explain why, and on what basis, the 
meeting (1996) of the General Episcopal Synod of the Liberal Catholic 
<of which Pedro is now a member, declared, without explanation or 
evidence, that
<Leadbeater’s correct birth date was 1847.
  There are, of course, a number of biographical notes on Leadbeater in 
<Theosophical publications, including archival notes made by 
Jinarajadasa on the
basis of (according to him) information provided by Leadbeater. The 
data in
<these notes, insofar as they relate to Leadbeater’s family background, 
and early years, are all false.
  <An American publisher is eager to reprint “The Elder Brother” but I am 
<to agree, given that I have acquired, in the years since that work was
<published, vastly more material on Leadbeater (all of it confirming my 
  <But I await with eager anticipation a new biography and encourage Pedro 
to begin
one as soon as possible.
  <Dr Gregory Tillett

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