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Re: Theos-World "...I cannot permit our sacred philosophy to be so disfigured...."

Aug 07, 2006 03:01 PM
by leonmaurer

Good trick Frank.
Another opportunity taken to sneakily propagandize that Hitler was the only 
"genuine" theosophical "warrior" during his dictatorship of Germany.   What 
kind of fools do you take us for?   Can't wait to hear what Chuck our pukka 
heretic has to say about this game you are playing. 

By the way, if Hitler's letters to theosophists haven't been published, how 
do you know about them or who they may embarrass?   

In a message dated 8/7/06 5:04:13 PM, writes:

> Good quote, Daniel.
> Here is an addition:
> "The value of the educational institution at Point
> Loma lies in the fact that it has proved the truth
> of its theories by its success. It has
> accomplished the mission which brought it into
> being. It has rescued Theosophy from the domain of
> an intellectualism which might easily have become
> more selfish, because more subtle, than the
> current thought of the world."
> - Katherine Tingley: Theosophy, the Path of the
> Mystic, first ed. 1922, ch. VII, p. 183
> These and other paragraphs have been forgotten in
> later editions, including the TUP online edition
> at:
> Theosophy... more selfish... than the current
> thought of the world TODAY?
> Theosophical organizations today below the
> mainstream?
> That reminds me of Hitler's letters to
> theosophical leaders.
> I wonder, why they are even today have not been
> published?
> Are they shameful rather to the recipients?
> Today a German newspaper published for the first
> time fragments of the missing new bible which the
> Leader Hitler ordered around 1938 the Protestant
> church to publish, coming back to its spiritual
> values and corrected from its many "improvements"
> over the centuries. It included a new translation
> of the commandments, which number to 12.
> Where are today the spiritual warriors - a term KT
> often used - who fight for pukka Theosophy?
> Frank

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