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Judge Writes to Tingley about what the discarnate HPB said....

Aug 07, 2006 10:42 AM
by danielhcaldwell

W. Q. Judge Writes to Katherine Tingley about what 
the discarnate HPB said about the Spanish Work

In what W.Q. Judge calls "an exact transcript of what HPB said",
the discarnate H.P.B. commented:

...I am, next to the American work,
interested in Spain. Ireland can take care of itself. In the pine
woods I have found a lodge which I knew something about before I
went away. There, seven chelas & the light they show that some day
will be better known, I will describe to you at our next meeting.
There is much connected with it that can be used for irradiating
forces in this country for there is a subtle connection. Be sure
that at our next meeting it is not forgotten x x x x Slowly the
light from this Lodge is being thrown over Spain & I see that from
the old corpse of bigotry superstition & credulity will be reared a
temple of light which will unite its forces with that of America &
Ireland & from these three points I know that humanity will be
saved. x x x


The light mentioned in Spain is of seven sides & a purple & yellow
light. On each of the seven sides is a star. This represents the
Lodge of Spain. Connect yourself with it as you will be directed. x
x x
Quoted from:

>From Mr. Judge's testimony, the above message is what HPB said to 
him on January 3, 1895.

In a letter to Mrs. Katherine Tingley dated two days later (January 
5, 1895), Mr. Judge writes more about the Spanish work or "idea".  
See second paragraph of the following letter for relevant remarks:

"[Jan] 5th [1895] on the train
[from New York City to Chicago]

Dear Purple [Mrs. Tingley]

Just as I was leaving some foreign letters came & I sent his letter 
so you could see how he is.  I wish you would get those glasses I 
spoke of as you do not like to read with what you have.  You ought 
to see how he is now, for he is either lying on purpose in the 
letter or speaking his heart.  I think the latter.  I do not know 
what proof he wants or would accept.  You see he has not taken well 
what I said as to an anonymous letter.  He may tell it to all the 
rest & thus prevent their sending any. In the other letter is one 
from the printer who saw Prince long ago - I told you of him - He 
tirades agst the Hdqr's crowd like anything.

Now about this Spanish idea. It's a good one - but.  It will raise a 
lot of ideas & talk.  It will raise some jealousy.  She [H.P.B.] was 
right in saying, as she did today, that she did not mean to exclude 
the rest of Europe and that those now in the work in Spain had not 
used all efforts.  They have not.   Now the prominent man there has 
not accepted the order.  Would it be well to tell him what she has 
said?  It looks to me like a good idea.  He does believe in HPB and 
R will certainly have no such message for him.  If you think well of 
this plan I will write to him from Chicago.

They report that the R crowd in London are now beginning to pretend 
to hear from Master.  They will have revelations soon.  They intend 
to try & show that HPB changed her opinion of me in 1891.

I shall have you in mind every day.  Why dont you put down briefly 
things you get  & not have them all lost.

Well the train jolts & I stop.  It seems singular the Truth does not 
come.  Why do you suppose?  Good night....
Quoted from:

Blavatsky Study Center

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