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Aug 07, 2006 08:37 AM
by carlosaveline

Dear Pedro, Gregory and Theos-talk  Friends, 

Thanks to Pedro for his commentaries (below).  I did some investigation about that. 

There was no such thing as the violent revolt and other events in Brazil as described by Leadbeater in the text you discuss. 

Brazilian indigenous peoples (as also black people) here were and are peaceful and not violent at all. 

To formalize that, I got the testimony of a Historian -- and bibliography also clarifies that. 

This is one of the things already investigated by me and which I still have to put into English and bring here. 

I wrote to Ms. Joy Mills in December 1999 and among other topics confronted her with these facts and asked her opinion. She then wrote to me considering it an established fact that Leadbeater never came to Brazil. And Joy referred to Tillett's book without naming it. Yet she apparently wanted me to remain silent about the facts. That I did not do. 

The response to the fact that Leadbeater never came to Brazil, from other Adyar TS leaders (in Brazil and elswhere), has been one of pure DENIAL. They simply avoid the subject so far. 

I would like them to see and realize that no theosophical institution, corporation or group can benefit from denying facts. 

In the long run, legitimate institutions can only benefit from searching for truth and accepting events as they are. 

I say this because true peace -- or a lasting truce in the movement -- cannot be separated from Ethics, Justice or Truthfulness. 

We may well suffer from a thousand illusions; but there must be a mutual permission to be sincere and to share our views about truth, as this is an essential part of any learning process. 

Of course, all of the groups in the movement have made and still make mistakes, so it is not an exercise of finger-pointing. It is but the practice of opening one's mind and sharing one's thoughts. 

Perhaps,  Pedro, you and others can help us get to another and better level of dialogue. 

I am reasonably confident about that. 

Sincere regards, Carlos.


Data:Sun, 06 Aug 2006 12:31:13 -0000

Assunto:Theos-World Re: Leadbeater biographies

> Several times in the past I have made it clear that I participate in 
> this list as an individual student of Theosophy. I do represent in 
> it nor speak in it on behalf of any organisation. My attitude has 
> not changed.
> I have read Hugh Shearman's biographical essay and am aware of Peter 
> Michel's book, though not knowing German I am unable to read it. I 
> hope an English translation will be published in the near future.
> I have read Dr Tillett's "The Elder Brother" in 1989 at Adyar, from 
> a copy at the Adyar Library and Research Centre.
> During my last visit to Brazil I did a very limited amount of 
> research on the presence of British railway companies in that 
> country in the second half of the nineteenth century. One small but 
> interesting result of this was the discovery that the company which 
> is mentioned in C. Jinarajadasa's biographical notes on Leadbeater, 
> the Bahia and San Francisco Railway Company, for which the latter's 
> father had suposedly worked, did in fact operate in Brazil between 
> 1855 and 1901, and therefore during the period mentioned in CJ's 
> notes.
> Of course, the above does not prove that Charles Leadbeater did work 
> in Brazil, but it seems to indicate the need for further research.
> Pedro 
> --- In, gregory@... wrote:
> >
> > I agree with Pedro that there should be multiple biographies of 
> Leadbeater.
> > 
> > He appears, however, to forget that there are already three – 
> mine, the (brief)
> > work by Hugh Shearman (Theosophist and Liberal Catholic Priest) 
> and that by
> > Peter Michel (Theosophist, and written in German: "Charles W. 
> Leadbeater: Mit
> > den Augen des Geistes").
> > 
> > Perhaps Pedro might explain why none of these – even that of 
> Shearman, published
> > by the St Alban Press, publishers to the Liberal Catholic Church – 
> seems to have
> > been reviewed (or even acknowledged) in a Liberal Catholic Church 
> journal.
> > Perhaps the reason is that all three acknowledge that Leadbeater 
> was born in
> > 1854, contrary to his claim to have been born in 1847.
> > 
> > No doubt Pedro will also be able to explain why, and on what 
> basis, the 11th 
> > meeting (1996) of the General Episcopal Synod of the Liberal 
> Catholic Church,
> > of which Pedro is now a member, declared, without explanation or 
> evidence, that
> > Leadbeater's correct birth date was 1847.
> > 
> > There are, of course, a number of biographical notes on Leadbeater 
> in various
> > Theosophical publications, including archival notes made by 
> Jinarajadasa on the
> > basis of (according to him) information provided by Leadbeater. 
> The data in
> > these notes, insofar as they relate to Leadbeater's family 
> background, birth
> > and early years, are all false.
> > 
> > An American publisher is eager to reprint "The Elder Brother" but 
> I am hesitant
> > to agree, given that I have acquired, in the years since that work 
> was
> > published, vastly more material on Leadbeater (all of it 
> confirming my original
> > account).
> > 
> > But I await with eager anticipation a new biography and encourage 
> Pedro to begin
> > one as soon as possible.
> > 
> > Dr Gregory Tillett
> >
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