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RE: [bn-study] RE: contemplation/meditation Part 1

Aug 07, 2006 07:58 AM
by W.Dallas TenBroeck

8/7/2006 6:48 AM




Friend Carlos:


Please explain a little more what you mean by "organized schematically." ?

Give me an example or so.


As THEOSOPHY presents the interactive planes (of Nature -- our UNIVERSE),
and the constant interplay of the invisible "principles" in every human  [
see and compare the diagrams in SECRET DOCTRINE  I  157-8;  II  596 ]


To us, who have been plunged in the atmosphere of this age (in this
incarnation)  -- materialism -- we have difficulties answering the CONTINUAL
:  What may the causative element be?  What is "Karma?"  If universal, does
it apply to me?  Am I presently receiving as well as generating karma?  What
are the "skandhas ?" 


And always he nagging thought:  what was the CAUSE of that ?   


To me, the whole scheme of THEOSOPHY -- as an ancient instructional system,
rests on a grasp of the free power of choice that our developing MIND
[supervised by our HIGHER SELF -- ATMA through ATMA-BUDDHI (the WISE-MIND) ]
is finding, investigating and learning to use -- impartially and without
developing further adverse Karma because of some subtle selfishness still
inherent in it.


As I see it: our present perceptive ability, when awake, is to view the
PHENOMENA of the ASTRAL FORCES and the PSYCHIC FORCES that operate through
them, as though they were real and permanent forces that continually bind us
to others and the hole of the life-vibrant UNIVERSE.  And:  What is LIFE ?
How did we get involved ?


I believe it Important to remember at all steps: in tracing these CAUSES
that live and work on our inner "PSYCHIC PLANE" are reflected in our minds
by the ever-present moral duality :  SELFISH (TEMPORARY vs. UNIVERSAL) and
impersonal because PERMANENT.  


This duality in evolution is what we call the MONAD.  -- ATMA-BUDDHI.  


The ATMA, forming the third element of the DIVINE TRIAD, is also the:
uninvolved causeless cause.  It shines "overhead.  


[KRISHNA (personified HIGHER SELF of the UNIVERSE) is our constant companion
-- [NOTE:  WE all live in and are integral, deathless parts of the entire,
indescribable, lawful, educative (of ever human endowed with a free mind)


And, we find on careful reading, in the BHAGAVAD GITA, this explains this
continual and  significant (because inescapable) mental capacity  -- to
"man" ( KRISHNA'S friend and devotee)  ARJUNA.  That is you and me, and
everyone else  [ see S D   I  167 ]  


Do we really disagree?  


If we set limits to our "perceptive ability," then what are they?  How are
they explained?  What are they ?  This is true introspection -- "meditation"
if you like the term and idea, but WE HAVE TO DO THE WORK AND PROVE IT  --
to our satisfaction, in the light of impersonal and eternal TRUTH.  


This is our task in this Manvantara.  Making the "LOWER KAMA-MANAS" into
"HIGHER, WISE BUDDHI-MANAS.  As in all true educational systems -- ours ==
kindergarten to PHD == is a good example -- we each learn and earn our own
credentials by evoking them from the hidden depths of our OWN BEING.  And we
have to recognize that all other beings are all at some stage on the same
Pilgrimage  Hence Universal Brotherhood .


No acceptance (by us) of any "faith,"  "belief," "scientific theory, or
reasoned (what basis for that?) 'speculation,' " or "credal dogmatic
'religion' "  There are no valid "short-cuts." 


The MORAL equation makes all the difference.  ARE WE CHOOSING FREELY TO ACT


[Note:  to be impersonal does not mean we are not warm, caring and friendly,
and simultaneously, we are able to be calm, clear and directly  "organized


See if this helps explain my views.  Respect from an 84 to a 79 (in this
incarnation) but as Monads we are brother immortals with equal potentials
and capabilities.


Best wishes,






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From: Carlos Rivera [] 
Sent: Monday, August 07, 2006 5:33 AM

To: W.Dallas TenBroeck
Subject: RE: [bn-study] RE: contemplation/meditation Part 1


This email was intended for you alone but unfortunately it was gone to the
forum before I realized my mistake...


Dear Dallas,


...let me get to the real reason for this email. I am 79 years and
sometimes, if things are not presented clearly, I mean schematically and not
contentwise, I find it difficult to determine from where the quotes are
coming. Case in point below, at the end of Unity of "Matter" I find the




[DTB  I suggest -- but you know this well -- mastering :  

read SECRET DOCTRINE  I  pp. 4 - 6 . Those are placed there as an essential


then the THREE FUNDAMENTALS:   S D  I  13- 19. 




one; but as soon as they manifest themselves they appear as a duality,

producing a trinity, the child, in which the qualities of the Father and

Mother find their united representation.   ZENO. 


[This PART of an article was first printed by H. P. Blavatsky in

Lucifer for November, 1888.    Reprinted in THEOSOPHY, APRIL 1915, VOL. 3,

pgs. 308-313 ]





Does Unity of "Matter" was writtrn by Zeno? . Does the parenthetical lines
refer to the article in question with HPB quoting Zeno or does it refer to
the following article?




DTB     I do not know the editing basis of this article  -- so I value it
according to content when compared with, and as a part of  THEOSOPHY 




Could you, for the further enhancement of your posts of course, make them a
little better organized schematically?    






But if you can't I will certainly live with it.


The best to you healthwise always,


Carlos Rivera 


San Juan, 

Puerto Rico




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To: subject: RE: [bn-study] RE: contemplation/meditation   Part  1


Date: Sun, 6 Aug 2006 20:39:30 -0700


From: W.Dallas TenBroeck [] 

Sent: Sunday, August 06, 2006 


Subject: RE: [bn-study] Part  1  RE: contemplation/meditation



Dear A P and Friends:


On the subject of language and symbology I find THEOSOPHY offering (in




                                                LANGUAGE and MEANING



Language is, after all, only an aid and not a substitute for the exchange of




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