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Aug 06, 2006 11:15 PM
by nhcareyta

Dear Perry and all

As this is a period of "truce" on theostalk perhaps it is an ideal 
opportunity to remind ourselves of those famous words which go 
something like "war does not begin on the battlefield, it begins in 
the minds of men."

Violence has many contributing factors with most appearing to have 
roots in fear. Fear of death, loss, lack, truth, being wrong etc.
These expressions of fear tend to contribute towards a competitive 
mindset, a mindset based in the modalities of "winning" or "losing". 
This mode of thinking necessarily leads to "winners" and "losers". 
The winners proudly celebrate their "victory" whilst the losers feel 
frustrated, angry, vengeful. So the dualistic mindset of competition 
leads on the one hand to pride, arrogance, dominance and control, 
whilst on the other, frustration, anger and vengeance, with each 
leading ultimately to violence and war. In this scenario, it seems 
that each modality fuels the other.
In the relatively safe confines of theostalk, is there another way 
for our mind to proceed which might head off its slide into its 
extreme expression, or is our mindset too heavily ingrained at this 
stage of its evolution?
To my way of thinking, cultivating a genuinely open and inquiring 
mind might be a place to begin. 
In terms of debate, this can help us guard against the single-minded, 
tunnel vision of dogma, the arrogant sense of superiority of 
being "right", the fear of being "wrong" or worse perhaps, the fear 
of "losing". The fear of losing an argument or losing face can be 
powerful motivating factors for a mindset to be intransigent and 
remain defensive and protective.
In debate, all of these expressions can be avoided were our mindset 
able to fearlessly consider all matters openly, honestly, objectively 
and truthfully, assessing all information without prejudice, fear or 

Perry, in your situation of being barred from the Adyar Society, 
perhaps some of the individuals who form the hierarchy of that 
organisation might be trapped in this dualistic mindset of, on the 
one hand, fear of being "wrong" or of losing face in terms of your 
objective critique of past teachers and their writings; or on the 
other, perhaps the arrogance of feeling superior and "right" causes 
them to feel justified to protect and defend their organisation 
against open-minded debate.

In my opinion of the Adyar Society there can be a perception amongst 
some that harmony (little h) requires passive acceptance of almost 
anything other than certain forms of objective critique. Where 
objective critique of such matters as history, teachers and teachings 
begin to offer alternatives to previously accepted versions, the oft 
quoted "freedom of thought" statement can sometimes be overlooked in 
the name of "harmony" with the exponents of the alternatives being 
harangued, sidelined or perhaps in your case, barred.  This form of 
putative "harmony" however can in fact be an act of violence in 
itself as it can violate and deny truth and truthseekers. 
If true Harmony is to be attained from our higher states of 
consciousness, it seems we need to at least embrace the concept of a 
unified Buddhic mindset of truth and wisdom, without prejudice, fear 
or favour, which is so far apart from its separative, defensive, 
protective and violent shadow.

These considerations may be presumptuous and incorrect and there may 
well be other rationale for the Adyar hierarchy barring you Perry. If 
such is the case, it would be of great interest and value to our 
various mindsets here at theostalk, and occultly to the world 
mindset, to hear and debate their position.

Best wishes

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