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Re: Theos-World Theosphical View of War and Violence

Aug 06, 2006 09:48 PM
by Frank Reitemeyer

Interestingly enough, John Algeo declares in this article:
"Yet, as Gandhi and King demonstrated, our response to evil and hatred and injustice should not be one of passive acquiescence."

So, is in spirit of truth, to play ostrich and allow our morally bankrupt theosophical (and other) officials a "continue-so-behaviour"?

I opt for a tabula rasa, a total self-clearing within the TM, before others do it for us or as long as we have the net.

What the world needs most, is an international group of people with a strong moral and spiritual experience to face the big problems before us.
That such a most needed group does not exist, is not at least the fault of the TM and those, who always worked against the Masters. 

HPB gave the following warning. I doubt that the TM part in the USA, which seems to have been kidnapped by an alien background power, has ever understood it, especially in connection with her SD remark about the new race:

"Hence the modern warriors who achieve such feats (with the modern improvement occassionally, of shooting their enemies out of the mouths of big guns) walk, most undeniably, "in the ways" of the Lord of the Jews, but never in the ways of Christ."
- B:CW VIII:263

The more than the articial escalation by the satanic rough state against the suppressed Palestines in their homeland could mean the world-wide jewish Purim festival - ask your rabbi. World-wide Kosher butcher sacrifice for Jahve in his war against all other national spirits?

I doubt that a theosophical truce instead of truth will change the TM one iota as long as the enemies of truth are still sitting on their chairs in Adyar/Wheaton, ULT, Pasadena.
We need new officials, new leaders within the next time - before its's too late.

Besides that the article is typical Algeo, imbalanced and superficially, as theosophy is clearly not pacifist. A people has the right to stand up against its government when it turns out corrupt and inmorally.
Also has a nation the right to declare war against its enemies, which are in attempt to destroy it.

Furthermore it contains an unfriendly, and - that counts more - untrue anti-German venom in the jewish stereotype style. Nationalsocialism had nothing to do with the Ku Klux Klan or with its structure or moral, on the contrary it had a deep mystical and spiritual impact (as opposed to the merely psycho-emotional impact of the real-existing TM) as can easily be proofed from many thousands of lectures, articles and interviews. These spiritual impact was elevated for example in the 1938 movie "Germanen gegen Pharaonen", where Goebbels in the eleventh minute placed a symbolic dialogue between a customarily University Professor and a younger student about the old age of the pyramids of Egypt and lost civilizations, where the Professor blames the student, that this what he says is not science, but the speculation of madmen [the German officials where - and still are - frequently portraited as madmen by the jewish-anglo-saxony black propaganda].

The student replied that it was always the weapon of the "so-called science" to fight to the finish every new knowledge. In this dialogue the Professor cannot convince the new mystic as the representative of a "new age", a term Goebbels often used, when he spoke of the near future, when the enemy is beaten.

Elsie Benjamin reported that de Purucker said in 1942 that the battle between the white and the black lodge is 50:50 and it is not clear, which side will have the upper hand.
Now we are 60 decades later and the picture should be more clear now.

Will the members of the TM awake and become theosophists? Who will win - the Professor or the student?

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Subject: Theos-World Theosphical View of War and Violence

Friends, just ran across this article by a noted theosophist, John Algeo. It 
was written by him in 1982. As people change their ethics, so do they change 
their actions. In the spirit of our truce, I present this for our 
theosophical discussion.



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