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Jinarajadasa referring to the “1900 letter”

Aug 06, 2006 09:26 PM
by plcoles1

Jinarajadasa referring to the "1900 letter" pp.172 Letters from the Masters of the Wisdom
First Series

"The parts in the letter which I have omitted REFER TO THE OCCULT LIFE OF DR BESANT 
which only the Master could have known." (My caps)

Below are the parts Jinarajadasa removed from the letter.

"Is the worship of a new trinity made up of the blessed M., Upasika and yourself to take 
the place of exploded creeds? We ask not for the worship of ourselves. The disciple should 
in no way be fettered. Beware of an esoteric popery."

"You have for some time been under deluding influences. Shun pride, vanity and love of 
power. Be not guided by emotion but learn to stand alone. Be accurate and critical rather 
than credulous. The mistakes of the past in the old religions must not be glossed over 
with imaginary explanations."

"The E.S.T. must be reformed so as to be as unsectarian and creedless as the T.S.. The 
rules must be few and simple and acceptable to all."

"All who are sincere and pure minded must have admittance."

"Misleading secrecy has given the death blow to numerous organizations."

"You will have to leave a good deal of your emotions and credulity before you become a 
safe guide among the influences that will commence to work in the new cycle."



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