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Re: Mother Shipton's Prophecy

Aug 05, 2006 02:50 PM
by Mark Jaqua

Re: Mother Shipton
      Chuck refers to Mother Shipton. 
(Synchonicity! - recently mentioned 
that in a letter.) 
Below is the Prophecy he refers to, 
from TAT Journal, (Volume 1  Number 5, 
Autumn 1978):
         - jake j.
  Mother Shipton's Prophecy
 Mother Shipton was an English 
prophetess born in 1486 in Yorkshire.  
While regarded by some as "the devil's 
child," she had a great enough popularity 
as a psychic to avoid the rack and pyre.  
She died in 1561.  Her remarkable prophecy 
of the course of twentieth century 
civilization was submitted to TAT Journal 
by Richard I. Robb of Wizards Bookshelf.... 
  In the air men shall be seen
In white, in black, in green.
Fire and water shall more wonders do. 
England shall at last admit a Jew, 
The Jew that was held in scorn
Shall of a Christian be born, and born.
  When pictures look alive with movements free, 
When ships, like fishes, swim beneath the sea, 
When men, outstripping birds can soar the sky, 
Then half the world, deep-drenched in blood 
Shall die.
  Women will dress like men and trousers wear, 
And cut off all their locks of hair.
They will ride astride with brazen brow, 
And love shall die and marriage cease, 
And nations wane, and babes decrease, 
And wives shall fondle cats and dogs, 
And men shall live much as hogs,
Just for food and lust.
  Iron in the water shall float, 
as easily as a wooden boat. 
Through hills shall man ride, 
And no horse be at his side. 
Carriages without horses shall go, 
And accidents fill the world with woe. 
Around the world thought shall fly, 
in the twinkling of an eye.
Under water men shall walk, 
Shall ride, shall sleep, shall talk.
  < writes:
  <One of  those would seem like the end to 
someone who only considered material  
manifestation as evidence of <existence.
  <Very true.  
<One of my favorite examples is the 
collection of prophecies of Mother  
<Shipton, a woman who lived in early 
16th century England I believe.  
<The  first half 
<seem to be right on the money, aircraft, 
submarines, even clothing,  
<but then 
<it gets to the world coming to an 
end.  But consider this, if she  
really did 
<see the future and she saw and earthquake 
(which she would never have  
experienced) or a forest fire (which 
would seem to her like the whole 
<burning) or any number of natural 
disasters, her limited perspective 
would have  her 
<think it was the end of time.  But to 
us those things are five minutes  
on the 
<evening news.
<And the dugpas have nothing to do 
with them, no matter what nonsense 
<may  end 
<up on this list.
          Chuck the Heretic

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