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: Re: promulgation of Theosophy

Aug 05, 2006 05:05 AM
by W.Dallas TenBroeck

8/5/2006 4:46 AM


Dear Gary:


Will be glad to help - ask.


This should prove to be a valuable attempt. Needs perseverance and research
to keep all statements comments and answers  "in-line" with ORIGINAL











            Question:          What are Theosophical lines of work ?


                                    How are they to be applied ?



            Several quotations suggest answers:



                                    All Work can be Theosophical



"Theosophy can only find objective expression in an all-embracing code of
life, thoroughly impregnated with the spirit of mutual tolerance, charity,
and brotherly love.  Its Society, as a body, has a task before it which,
unless performed with the utmost discretion, will cause the world of the
indifferent and the selfish to rise up in arms against it.  Theosophy has to
fight intolerance, prejudice, ignorance, and selfishness, hidden under the
mantle of hypocrisy.  It has to throw all the light it can from the torch of
Truth, with which its servants are entrusted.  It must do this without fear
or hesitation, dreading neither reproof nor condemnation.  Theosophy,
through its mouthpiece, the Society, has to tell the TRUTH to the very face
of LIE;  to beard the tiger in its den, without thought or fear of evil
consequences, and to set at defiance calumny and threats...No Theosophist
should blame a brother, whether within or outside of the association;
neither may he throw a slur upon another's actions or denounce him, lest he
himself lose the right to be considered a Theosophist.  For, as such, he has
to turn away his gaze from the imperfections of his neighbor, and center
rather his attention upon his own shortcomings, in order to correct them and
become wiser.  Let him not show the disparity between claim and action in
another, but, whether in the case of a brother, a neighbor, or simply a
fellow man, let him rather ever help one weaker than himself on the arduous
walk of life.


The problem of true Theosophy and its great mission are, first, the working
out of clear unequivocal conceptions of ethic ideas and duties (243) such as
shall best and most fully satisfy the right and altruistic feelings in men;
and, second, the molding of these conceptions for their adaptation into such
forms of daily life, as shall offer a field where they may be applied with
most equitableness.


Such is the common work placed before all who are willing to act on these
principles...Do not indulge personally in unbrotherly comparison between the
task accomplished by yourself and the work left undone by your neighbor or
brothers.  In the fields of Theosophy none is held to weed out a larger plot
of ground than his strength and capacity will permit him.

Do not be too severe on the merits or demerits of one who seeks admission
among your ranks, as the truth about the actual state of the inner man can
only be known to Karma, and can be dealt with justly by that all-seeing LAW

            ASTER, THEOSOPHY 70, p. 242



                                    How the Masters Work



"I have laboured for more than a quarter of a century night and day to keep
my place within the ranks of that invisible but every busy army which
labours and prepares for a task which can bring no reward but the
consciousness we are doing our duty to humanity;  and, meeting you on my way
I have tried to...simply draw your attention, excite your curiosity if not
your better feelings to the one and only truth... If your efforts will teach
the world but one single letter of the alphabet of Truth..."




                        The Work of the Chelas and the Masters



"It is only the chelas that can live in the world...And it is because the
Adepts do care for the world that they make their chelas live in and work
for it...Each cycle produces its own occultists who will be able to work for
the humanity of those times..." 

            PB ARTICLES, Vol. II, p. 118



"It is the Masters's work to preserve the true philosophy, but the help of
the companions is needed to rediscover and promulgate it.  Once more the
elder brothers have indicated where the truth--Theosophy--could be found,
and the companions all over the world are engaged in bringing it forth for
wider currency and propagation."           JUDGE - OCEAN OF THEOSOPHY, p. 6



"We have offered to exhume the primeval strata of man's being, his basic
nature, and lay bare the wonderful complications of his inner Self...and
demonstrate it scientifically...It is our mission to plunge and bring the
pearls of Truth to the surface;  theirs [men of science] to clean and set
them into scientific jewels...For countless generations hath the adept
builded a fane of imperishable invite the elite of mankind to
cooperate with him and help in his turn enlighten superstitious man...until
that day when the foundations of a new continent of thought are so firmly
built..." MASTER,  MAHATMA LETTERS, p. 51




                        What Work can Theosophists Do ?



"We seek to bring men to sacrifice their personality--a passing flash--for
the welfare of the whole of humanity."     MASTER, MAHATMA LETTERS, p.231



"The main and underlying effort of the work of the members of the Society
should be to furnish a real and philosophical basis for ethics  ... 


Opposition to dogma is not opposition to truth, and hence the Society is a
builder up and not a mere destroyer of old beliefs... the philosophy put
forward by reasonable explanations of life, of man, and of
nature:  tends to remove superstition by showing what psychical phenomena
are, and why they occur...meets all the facts and solves them, and shows how
man may, if he will, reach to the power hinted at by all the great teachers
of the world."           QJ - THEOS. MVT. Vol. 28, p. 85-86




                        Beginning Work.  What Practical Work can Each Do ?



"...learn that you may teach, acquire spiritual knowledge and strength that
the weak may lean on you...make your home one of the most important centers
of spiritualizing influence in all the world...encouraging the visits of
your fellow members and of enquirers and by holding meetings of the more
congenial for study and instruction...constantly advise with your associates
in the Council how to make the general meetings of the Lodge interesting.  


New members should be taken in hand from the first...and instructed
thoroughly in what you have already learnt, so that they may be capable of
participating intelligently in the proceedings...keep in correspondence with
all others [who] need your help...your Branch can, and should
circulate [the Mother Society's] publications and to have them translated
into other languages when worthy of it...Deeds are what we want and


Think you the truth has been shown to you for your sole advantage?  That we
have broken the silence of centuries for the profit of a handful of dreamers
only ?  The converging lines of your Karma have drawn each and all of you
into this Society as to a common focus that you may each help to work out
the results of your interrupted beginnings in the last birth." 

            MASTER, LETTERS, THE MASTERS OF WISDOM, 1st Ser., p. 20-4




                        Ways of Working Together



"A band of the students of the Esoteric Doctrines, who would reap any profit
spiritually must be in perfect harmony and unity of thought...utterly
unselfish, kind and full of goodwill towards each party backbiting, no ill-will or envy or jealousy, contempt or
anger..."    MASTER, LETTERS, THE MASTERS OF WISDOM, 1st Ser., p. 16-17



" work properly in our Great Cause it is necessary to forget all
personal differences of opinion as to how the work is to be carried on.  Let
each of us work in his own way and not endeavour to force our ideas of work
upon our neighbour."

                H.P.B.  FIVE MESSAGES, p. 16



"Masters require only that each shall do his best, and, above all, that each
shall strive in reality to feel himself one with his fellow-workers...a true
hearty devotion to our cause which will lead each to help his brother to the
utmost of his power to work for that cause, whether or not we agree as to
the exact method of carrying out that work.  The only man who is absolutely
wrong in his method is the one who does nothing."

            H.P.B.  FIVE MESSAGES, p. 24



                        How To Work On One's Self



"...he who is desirous to learn how to benefit humanity, and believes
himself able to read the characters of other people, must begin first of
all, to learn to know himself, to appreciate his own character at its true
value."           MASTER, MAHATMA LETTERS, p. 222



"It is he alone who has the love of humanity at heart, who is capable of
grasping thoroughly the idea of a regenerating practical Brotherhood who is
entitled to our secrets."         

            MASTER,   MAHATMA LETTERS, p. 252




                        Ethics - Personal Discipline - Virtue


"..the ethics of Theosophy are more important than any divulgement of
psychic laws and facts...the Ethics sink into and take hold of the real
man--the reincarnating Ego...Learn well, then, the doctrines of Karma and
Reincarnation, and teach, practice and promulgate that system of life and
through which alone can save the coming races."   

            HPB     5 MESSAGES, p. 26



"...the real esoteric system...renunciation of Nirvana for the sake of
mankind is preached...One of its fundamental laws is, that ordinary morality
is insufficient to deliver one from rebirth;  one has to practice the six
Paramitas or cardinal virtues...Bodhisattvas...become Nirmanakayas.  ...for
the sake of having a chance of inspiring a few with the desire of learning
the truth and thus saving themselves." 

             HPB ARTICLES, Vol. I, p. 452



                        Working With Mankind


"At present, the main, fundamental object of the Society is to sow germs in
the hearts of men, which may in time sprout, and under more propitious
circumstances lead to a healthy reform, conducive of more happiness to the
masses than they have hitherto enjoyed."  

             KEY TO THY., p. 257



"...the theosophist's duty is like that of the husbandman:  to turn his
furrows and sow his grains as best he can;  the issue is with nature, and
she, the slave of Law."

                MASTER,  MAHATMA LETTERS, p. 339-40



"It is the rich who have to be regenerated, if we would do good to the
poor... Work, therefore, to bring about the moral regeneration of the
cultured [classes] before you attempt to do the same for our ignorant
younger Brethren... If asked, what is it that will help, we answer
boldly:--Theosophical literature:  hastening to add that under this term,
neither books concerning adepts and phenomena, nor the TS publications are
meant... Theosophy alone can gradually create a mankind as harmonious and as
simple-souled as Kosmos itself;  but to effect this, theosophists will have
to act as such."

            H.P.B.- THE  TIDAL WAVE - HPB ARTICLES, Vol. I, p.103-5



"Theosophists are of necessity the friends of all movements...for the
amelioration of the conditions of mankind...who seek to lift a little of the
tremendous weight of misery that is crushing down the poor...The function of
Theosophists is to open men's hearts and understandings to charity, justice,
and generosity, attributes which belong to the human kingdom and are natural
to man when he has developed the qualities of a human being.  Theosophy
teaches the animal-man to become a human-man."

            H.P.B.  FIVE MESSAGES, p. 8-9



"...the voice of the great human Soul proclaims, in no longer timid tones,
the rise and almost the resurrection of the human Spirit in the masses...A
new era has begun in literature...he who, parting company with his beloved
"authority," lifts boldly and carries on unflinchingly the standard of the
Future Man...will have bravely fought for human rights and man's divine
nature, who will become...the teacher of the masses in the coming

            HPB - TIDAL WAVE - HPB ARTICLES, Vol. I, p. 99-101



"On that day when Theosophy will have accomplished its most holy and most
important mission--namely to unite firmly a body of men of all nations in
brotherly love and bent on a pure altruistic work, not on a labor with
selfish motives--on that day only will Theosophy become higher than any
nominal brotherhood of man."

                        H.P.B. FIVE MESSAGES, p. 5




                        Future Work and Responsibility



"[ The Theosophical Society ]...its basis was intended to rest on equality,
autonomy and toleration, its prime object being universal brotherhood, of
which it was hoped the germ or nucleus might be formed.  All members are on
an equal footing, as is shown by its rule that caste, color, religion,
creed, sex have no bearing on the question of membership in any way.  The
founders did not hold the idea that all men are equal in all things, but
they did lay it down that in respect to membership they were and should be
equal.  This has even been its law."   Judge THE T S AND ITS BASIS -
THEOSOPHY Vol. 34, p. 5



"...the great need which our successors in the guidance of the Society will
have of unbiased and clear judgment.  Every such attempt as the TS has
hitherto ended in failure, because sooner or later, it has degenerated into
a sect, set up hard-and-fast dogmas of its own, and so lost by imperceptible
degrees that vitality which living truth alone can impart."

            H.P.B.,  KEY TO THEOSOPHY, p. 305-6



"...the plan is to keep [the TS] alive as an active, free, unsectarian body
during the time of waiting for the next great messenger, who will be herself
beyond question...And in this time of waiting the Master, that great
Initiate, whose single will upholds the entire movement, "will have his
mighty hand spread wide behind the Society." 

             W.Q.Judge - WQJ ARTICLES, Vol. II, p. 153









H.P.B. :


And the policy you are now following is admirable adapted to give scope for
the widest expansion of the movement, and to establish on a firm basis an
organization which, while promoting feelings of fraternal sympathy, social
unity, and solidarity, will leave ample room for individual freedom and
exertion in the common cause-that of helping mankind.


Each man should strive to be a centre of work in himself. When his inner
development has reached a certain point, he will naturally draw those with
whom he is in contact under the same influence; a nucleus will be formed,
round which other people will gather, forming a centre from which
information and spiritual influence radiate, and towards which higher
influences are directed.


But let no man set up a popery instead of Theosophy, as this would be
suicidal and has ever ended most fatally. We are all fellow students, more
or less advanced; but no one belonging to the Theosophical Society ought to
count himself as more than, at best, a pupil-teacher-one who has no right to

The Founders of the Society wish every Section, as soon as it becomes strong
enough to govern itself, to be as independent as is compatible with its
allegiance to the Society as a whole and to the Great Ideal Brotherhood, the
lowest formal grade of which is represented by the Theosophical Society.


The function of Theosophists is to open men's hearts and understandings to
charity, justice, and generosity, attributes which belong specially to the
human being. Theosophy teaches the animal-man to be a human-man; and when
people have learned to think and feel truly as human beings should feel and
think, they will act humanely, and works of charity, justice, and generosity
will be done spontaneously by all.


But in order that we may be able to effect this working on behalf of our
common cause, we have to sink all private differences. You work and work so
hard. But to work properly in our Great Cause it is necessary to forget all
personal differences of opinion as to how the work shall be carried on. Let
each one of us work in his own way and not endeavour to force our ideas of
work upon our neighbours.

Thus, then, "UNION IS STRENGTH;" and for every reason private differences
must be sunk in united work for our Great Cause.







Theosophy is not a bank-deposit which one hoards in secret for contemplation
and delectation; it is a purse of Fortunatus, which fill up as fast as one
empties it for the benefit of others. The true Theosophic spirit fixes its
eye on the needs of a vast humanity in ignorance, knows that there is no
other way to overcome ignorance and its consequences than by imparting
truth, and queries how most efficaciously this may be done. The Theosophist
thus animated joins the Society to help it, feels the want of sympathetic
intercourse and of organized strength, exerts himself to form a branch of
like-minded, projects work for it, values it because it makes possible a
systematic outflow of knowledge and influence on the vicinage. He knows very
well that, as the measure of his own Theosophic vitality is the degree in
which he works and not merely meditates, so also it is with a branch.


It can never be too often repeated that real Theosophy is not contemplation,
or introspection or philosophizing or talk, but work, work for others, for
the world. We are told that one fatal bar to progress is selfishness in some
one of its protean forms. It will never be overcome by thinking about
oneself, but by not thinking about oneself. And as we have to think about
something, the alternative is thought for others and how to help them. As
the mind fills with such schemes, and the hand takes hold of them,
self-interest is displaced and egotism fades out. Selfishness dies of
inanition, and altruism grows because constantly fed. And all this time true
progress goes insensibly on. The mind clears of prejudices and fogs, the
spirit grows more sunny and cheerful, peacefulness settles over the whole
interior being, and truth is seen with greater distinctness.


Those of us who still, after years and after much instruction, are seeking
and wishing for personal progress or preferment in occult side of life, are
destroying that quality first referred to-of being a living, breathing
centre of light and hope for others. And the self-seekers thus also lessen
their possible chances in the next life here. Unselfishness is the real


Close up the ranks ! Each member a centre; each branch a centre; the whole a
vast, whirling centre of light and force and energy for the benefit of the
nation and of the race.




Robert Crosbie :


Our effort is to disseminate among Theosophists the idea of unity regardless
of organization. Many 'old timers' will not see the need, but those
disgusted with the claims and squabbles of organization will fall into line
on the true basis of union : "Similarity of aim, purpose and teaching"-for
they will see that the failure of the various societies is in that basic
lack. We sympathize with all efforts to spread broadcast the teachings of
Theosophy pure and simple, without expressing preference for any
organization or individual so engaged-recognizing that while methods differ,
the Cause of one is the Cause of all. Meantime, we go on with our own line
of work which, because of its freedom from any complications of
organization, presents a catholic spirit. We are not drawing attention to
ourselves as a body, but to the principles that, as a body, we hold.


The Declaration is a summation of the stand that all theosophists should
take-towards the work and towards each other. We all should cultivate that
charity which sympathize with every effort to spread Theosophy even if the
methods and other things do not appeal to us: any effort is better than no


What are our claims ?-it will be asked. We make none: We point to the
Message, the Messengers, and Their enunciation of the Work-and carry on the
latter in accordance; we have no "revelation" to offer, we only hand on that
which was known before. It makes no claim to any authority than the Message
and the Messengers. The Authority which we recognize is not what men term
authority, which comes from outside and which demands obedience, but an
internal recognition of the value of that which flows through any given
point, focus or individual. This is the authority of one's
Self-discrimination, intuition, the highest intellection. This means no
slavish following of any person-a distinction which some are unable to
grasp. H.P.B. wrote : "Don't follow me nor my Path : follow the path I show,
the Masters who are behind." We point always that the most and the best
anyone can do is to do as Judge did-follow the lines laid down by H.P.B.
regardless of any others. All that we are doing is to help others to find
those lines. The strength shown by any worker is not that of personality
which has none of itself; it lies in the words, the ideas, the conviction of
truth held by the inner man.













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From: Gary Barnhart [] 

Sent: Friday, August 04, 2006 


Subject: Re:       Promulgation of Theosophy



August 4, 2006



Regarding : connecting in person


It would be nice to participate in an in-person study group and I am
inviting all persons who live in any reasonable proximity from me to email
me or if you prefer to call me, and see if we can form an in-person study
group.  My email is in the Blavatsky Net profile as of now along with other
pertinent information.  I reside about 30 miles east of Austin, Texas and
about every other month I travel to Tomball, Texas just east of Houston,
Texas to visit one of my sons and family.  Obviously, the Austin area is
most convenient for me.  I do not see a problem with posting my email and
phone number in this notice but if you know of a reason why I should not do
so than please let me know as like yourself I wish to avoid spam coming to
me and worthless phone calls.


I do not care what theosophical "society" or group you may be affiliated
with, however I would prefer to stick with studies of theosophical writings
by H P Blavatsky and William Q Judge and related material such as The Voice
of Silence, and The Bhagavad Gita and even writings by B P Wadia.  I have
been offered free books which include "The Ocean Of Theosophy" and "Answers
to Questions on the Ocean of Theosophy" for use by a study group in my area.
The level of your knowledge of Theosophical writings is also irrelevant for
a new study group as we are all students and can aid one another along with
the materials.


Lastly, some groups measure there success by the numbers of people
attending, and I do not.  To me the quality of people and the quality of the
experience is much more important than quantity.  Thanks.  Namaste,


My information for contact purposes is:


Gary Barnhart

Elgin, Texas


Tel. (521) 278-0000

Mobile (512) 619-4747



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