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Dugpas and the Evil that Men Do

Aug 04, 2006 07:10 PM
by robert_b_macd

Dear Friends,

If as Pedro details:
" The world is burning with relentless waves of deep-seated hatred;
the elderly, women and children are being blown up every day as part
of a 'tactical strategy' conceived to intimidate the enemy? Millions
are displaced in Darfur and women and girls continue to be raped
there in broad daylight; many other millions are starving in several
African countries; western moral relativism continues to treat all
these inconceivably horrific events as 'something to be discussed'
in carpeted halls by highly paid diplomats who 'need' to take their
countries' interest first before any agreement is tentatively
then how has it come to this?

Presumably, it is not in the average person's nature to conceive of
causing such havoc.  People by and large want to be left alone to lead
their lives in peace.  There seems to be a great deal of propoganda
telling people otherwise.  People are made to fear fundamentalists of
opposing religious denominations as if these people are intent on world
domination.  Jews, Roman Catholics, members of Islam, etc.  are all made
to appear intent on some sort of armageddon in order to achieve their
ends.  People are made to fear one another.   Through fear and wars,
some small group of people are making obscene amounts of profits. 
Everyday, governments all over the World are restricting more and more
rights, and taking on more and more powers, all in the name of public
safety and democracy - and yet the world does not get any safer.  What
kind of insanity is this?

One understanding of dugpas is that they are not to be battled against
directly.  They are there to bring out the worst tendencies of the
Chela's nature in order to see whether the Chela can overcome these
tendencies and advance.  Similarly with humanity, one would suppose.  It
is not important who these dugpas are, but rather what dark tendencies
they bring out in the people and how can we appeal to the people to
recognize these tendencies and overcome them.  This is not a question of
geo-politics, it is a question of morality pure and simple.  Do I do
what I do for myself only, or for my family, or my Nation, or for
Humanity?  Humanity needs to learn to trust one another.   Theosophists
need to learn to trust one another, to respect one another, and also to
stand up for what is moral.  More importantly, they must learn to
forgive the weaknesses of one another and not to expect perfection.


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