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Aug 04, 2006 05:13 PM
by pedro oliveira


Thank you for your suggestion. My question is: why one week? Why 
not ... for ever? 

The world is burning with relentless waves of deep-seated hatred; 
the elderly, women and children are being blown up every day as part 
of a 'tactical strategy' conceived to intimidate the enemy? Millions 
are displaced in Darfur and women and girls continue to be raped 
there in broad daylight; many other millions are starving in several 
African countries; western moral relativism continues to treat all 
these inconceivably horrific events as 'something to be discussed' 
in carpeted halls by highly paid diplomats who 'need' to take their 
countries' interest first before any agreement is tentatively 

Does theos-talk need to contribute to the overwhelming mass of human 
despair by continuing to be a battlefield for self-styled 
Blavatskyan gladiators? 

Why can't theos-talk be a nucleus of Universal Brotherhood without 
distinction right here and now? That includes without distinction of 
race, creed, sex, cast, colour, opinion, affiliation to any school 
of theosophical tradition or any theosophical organisation?

Whom does it serve to continually repeat one hundred year old 
scandals and accusations about ANY theosophical leader, author or 
speaker? What purpose does it serve?

Can theos-talk be a space of sanity, friendship and mutual learning, 
where everyone is deepening their understanding of Divine Wisdom by 
listening to each other, dialoguing together, contributing their 
very best to make of this list something worthy of the attention of 
the Powers of Goodness and Compassion for the benefit, uplifting and 
regeneration of human consciousness?

I am ready to contribute to the above and would like to extend to 
you, Daniel and all other list members, including those who left 
because of a previous atmosphere of hostility, a heartfelt appeal as 
a fellow-student of Theosophy.

Best wishes,


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<carlosaveline@...> wrote:
> Friends, 
> Since the truce in Lebanon seems to be impossible in the next 
days, it occurred to me we could have a truce here at Theos-talk. 
> For a week, we could make an informal agreement not to make 
radical criticisms of any theosophical or neotheosophical leader, 
group or organization, and to have a rather candid investigation on 
higher levels of consciousness, or on other constructive topics, 
while observing how our own minds and hearts work during that time. 
> I say that because I was nicely surprised by some excellent 
postings among Pedro, Adelasie and a few other friends here. 
> Best regards,  Carlos. 
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