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Aug 04, 2006 03:21 PM
by pedro oliveira


Don't worry. Unlike HPB, CWL needs no defence. But a new biography 
of his may be needed. Perhaps every controversial character deserves 
more than one account of his or her life. Who knows, when I retire I 
may write one.:)


--- In, "carlosaveline" 
<carlosaveline@...> wrote:
> Pedro, 
> Only now I read your message below in a proper way. Your 
authoritarism is touching. 
> Also remarkable the contrast between your authoritarianism, in 
questions relating to the movement, and your bright view of things 
in some general, abstract topics.
> No one is perfect!
> As to Leadbeater not having being expelled, that must a a joke. 
Yes,yolu are right. He  was only kindly invited to resign, and 
warned that, if he did not do so, he would be then formally expelled.
> As soon as poor old Olcott died,  Leadbeater was invited back to 
Adyar TS, BECAUSE Annie Besant, his disciple, had then complete 
power in her hands, as both President and Outer Head.  
> Would you, Pedro, trust a son of yours, or a nephew to Leadbeater 
and his sex lessons? 
> Difficult to face the failures of the movement?
> You can see Radha's position is much better than yours. 
> Carlos. 
> ooooooooooo
> Carlos,
> I had asked you some serious questions about the current situation 
> on theos-talk and your participation in it and you decided to 
> them all, telling me instead there is no need for 'nervousness' on 
> my part. Besides that, you continued your attacks on the Adyar TS 
> and on Leadbeater, which indicates to me that any attempt of 
> dialogue with you is not possible.
> But for the benefit of readers I will set the record straight on 
> something you have repeated here *ad nauseam* and which is simply 
> not true:
> 1. Leadbeater was never expelled from the TS by Olcott. He 
> his resignation from the Society to Olcott at the Advisory Board 
> meeting, convened by HSO in London on 16 May 1906, to examine the 
> charges against L. coming from members of the American Section. At 
> that meeting there were fierce exchanges between those who wanted 
> expelled from the Society (G. R. S. Mead and Bertram Keightley, 
> example) and those who suggested that his resignation be accepted 
> (Sinnett). The meeting eventually decided to accept his 
> 2. Leadbeater was invited back into the TS by a vote of the 
> Council, the governing body of the Society, at its meeting in 
> December 1908, which was almost two years after Olcott had passed 
> away. Needless to say, that was not without controversy as, for 
> example, many well-known members of the English Section resigned 
> over that decision.
> Pedro 
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