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Carlos, now you are making me laugh!!!!! :)

Aug 04, 2006 01:24 PM
by danielhcaldwell

Carlos, now you are making me laugh!!!!!   :)
You write in two of your emails to me:

"Sorry. I did not mean to offend you by questioning Adyar." 

"Did I hurt you by questioning Leadbeater's Tantra? That was not my 

You cannot offend me by questioning Adyar.  

And you certainly didn't hurt me by questioning Leadbeater's

I am probably more critical than even you on these subjects.

But if you want Adyar (who in particular???) to be open to 
these things, then all I'm asking you, don't you think the 
ULT/Theosophy Co. should also be equally open to what Dr. Stokes
writes below:

"The United Lodge of Theosophists' anonymous book, The Theosophical 
Movement [1925 edition] . . . will not tolerate even the suggestion 
that Judge claimed to have had communications from the dead H.P.B. 
or that he was on intimate terms with Mrs. Tingley. . . ."

And he goes on to  write:

"The evidence is that Judge received and accepted as genuine what he 
regarded as communications from H.P.B., dead nearly four years; that 
these, quoted by Hargrove and endorsed by several others who claimed 
to have seen the documents, were highly laudatory of Katherine 
Tingley and accepted as such by Judge, and that Judge conferred with 
Mrs. Tingley and sought her advice on certain matters contained in 
them and sent portions to the London E.S.T."  

"It now remains for those [such as ULT associates] whose exalted 
opinion of Judge precludes such possibilities to wriggle out as best 
they can, or to retract publicly their slanderous charges against 
brother theosophists, or, else, which is far more likely, to decline 
to look facts in the face. . . . "

There is no religion higher than truth.


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