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Tillett on CWL's "Tantra"

Aug 04, 2006 12:44 PM
by carlosaveline

Dear Friends, 

These commentaries by  G. Tillett are, no doubt, interesting.

I wish Pedro or someone from Adyar would accept sooner than later that Leadbeater, as a clairvoyant source of its various rites and ritualisms, is 
as "legitimate" as James Wedgwood, so to say.

Some Adyar brothers and sisters do have a good understanding of the abstract aspect of the Philosophy, and they might consider that some Ethical principles emerge from that universal consciousness, if it is more than a discourse. 

I did not examine Ms. J. O. Fuller book in detail, since Krishnamurti is out of my field of study now -- but Tillett's analysis relating to CWL should be openly taken into consideration if Adyar will go beyond "denial".

Regards,   Carlos.


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Assunto:Theos-World Blavatsky, The Coming etc

> Having just acquired a copy of Jean Overton Fuller’s “Krishnamurti and The Wind.
> An Integral Biography” (Theosophical Publishing House, London, 2003), I have
> been intrigued by some of the author’s curious claims. I won’t comment on the
> rambling, and in places all but incoherent text, the poor quality of
> publication, the hopelessly inadequate index, or the shoddy bibliography. Nor
> on the bizarre, and irrelevant, full colour plates of paintings by the author.
> Miss Fuller repeats the claim that Blavatsky predicted the Coming of the World
> Teacher between 1891 and 1897 (Krishnamurti having been born in 1895), but
> offers no source for this assertion. The claim that Blavatsky “predicted” The
> Coming has been around since the Besant/Leadbeater era, but without anything
> like substantial documentation. John Cooper researched the “Blavatsky predicted
> the Coming” claim and, I recall, published something on it.
> Equally curious is Miss Fuller’s claim that when Krishnamurti dissolved the
> Order of the Star he spoke with “the endorsement of the Maitreya and the
> Buddha” and as he spoke the words “he passed his fifth initiation and became an
> asekha Adept.” Unfortunately, no source is cited for this interesting statement.
> Insofar as the rambling text allows one to know, Miss Fuller appears to be
> arguing that Krishnamurti was, and simultaneously was not, the World Teacher.
> Just what “Integral Biography” may be, I have no idea.
> I was especially intrigued that Miss Fuller devoted a full page to “disproving”
> a claim she asserts I made in “The Elder Brother” – that Leadbeater was
> associated with Aleister Crowley’s “Ordo Templi Orientis”. It seems to me that,
> prior to criticizing what someone has written, it would be a good idea to read
> what they have actually written! The section of my book to which Miss Fuller –
> inaccurately – refers is a speculation about the origins of Leadbeater’s sexual
> teachings (pp. 279-285). Certainly James Wedgwood was a member of the “Ordo
> Templi Orientis”, but under Theodor Reuss and prior to Crowley. I speculated –
> indeed, described it as a “mystery” – if there had been some link between
> Wedgwood and the “Ordo Templi Orientis” and Leadbeater, and if a strange
> occultist in Sydney, Vyvyan Deacon, who ran a version of the “Ordo Templi
> Orientis” and claimed his authority to do so not from Crowley (whose
> representative in Australia was Frank Bennett) but from an earlier source, was
> involved. Deacon was engaged in a curious mix of magic, sex and drugs, and was
> associated in some way with both Wedgwood and Leadbeater. Just what the
> association was remains, as I concluded, something which will probably never be
> known. I had access to Deacon’s archives, and spoke with his daughter at length,
> but fascinating hints were all that could be found. I was given an exotic bronze
> head of Pan, a ceremonial dagger and some other magical paraphernalia owned by
> Deacon by his daughter. Crowley’s views on Wedgwood and Leadbeater are clearly
> documented – and not at all flattering.
> It might be remember that Leadbeater shocked the committee chaired by Olcott to
> investigate allegations of sexual misconduct by claiming that he had first
> learned the techniques from an Anglican Church organization. Alas, Leadbeater
> refused to name the organization and the committee did not pursue the matter.
> The only Anglican organizations of which he was known to be a member were the
> Church of England Temperance Society and the Confraternity of the Blessed
> Sacrament – neither likely candidates for providing teachings about
> masturbation. Leadbeater’s claim may simply have been another lie, but if not,
> I would be fascinated to hear of an Anglican group teaching something like
> homosexual Tantra.
> Miss Fuller also quotes a statement I am alleged to have made at an
> international conference of the (Adyar) Theosophical Society. I am sure all
> readers will appreciate that the chances of me ever having been or being
> invited to address such a conference are in the realms of fantasy!
> Dr Gregory Tillett
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