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Re: Theos-World Understanding Fundamentalism: a question to Bill

Aug 03, 2006 06:15 PM
by adelasie

Dear Pedro,

After several decades of studying theosophy and trying to apply it to 
my life, I have come to the conclusion that everyone responds to the 
basic teaching, that it resonates with them interiorly. It isn't a 
matter of dogma or creed. It's a matter of simple human values. 
Everyone wants to be respected, cared for, treated courteously. It's 
not easy but it is very simple. All we have to do is treat others as 
we would like to be treated (the centerpiece of all the world's 
religions) sincerely and with perseverence, and everything changes 
for the better. It's all consciousness, after all. We are what we 
think, and our lives are what we make them. Thanks for you comments.


On 3 Aug 2006 at 20:51, pedro oliveira wrote:

> Dear Adelasie,
> Thank you for your comments. I fully agree with you. There is so 
> much freedom in Theosophy as a teaching for us to explore, come to 
> our own understanding and live a life that is free from separateness 
> and its progeny of conflict, fear and isolation. And if it is true 
> that there is Theosophy within every religious tradition, if we 
> could articulate that in a proper language, we could perhaps help 
> many more people to breath the same vast air of freedom and 
> discovery that we have in Theosophy. Both in Malaysia and Indonesia, 
> which are Muslim countries, people responded to theosophical 
> teachings with great interest and appreciation. Is it so because the 
> teachings resonate with their own intrinsic understanding of what 
> life is?
> Best wishes,
> Pedro


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