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Re: Theos-World Frank on the ULT

Aug 03, 2006 12:50 PM
by Frank Reitemeyer

=>You are certainly entitled to your opinions but 
my point of view some of them appear "extreme."

I know but.
But to me it is the contrary, to me the ULT is 

>All the ULT associates I have either met or 
with are (at least from my perspective) quite 
sincere students
of Theosophy and of H.P. Blavatsky's writings.

Maybe, I cannot speak of personal meetings with 
them, because here is no ULT, I speak of course 
only from my experiences on theos-talk.

>Most of the Theosophy Company publications I 
>highly recommend.
For example the 3 volume set of HPB's articles is 
such a
useful and economical collection of her articles.

Really? One long-term American student assured me, 
that the reprintes articles of HPB and WQJ have 
been silently/invisible edited.

>"The ULT is really a sick sect and has 
>practically nothing to do
with Blavatsky."

I certainly don't see it that way but, of course, 
you are free to
state it the way you see it.

Compared with the ULT claims in their newsletter 
they have done nothing within the nearly last 
hundred years to support the work of HPB and the 
Masters, except reprint books.
They have never supportes the Leaders of the 
Theosophical Movement (the German term for leader 
is Führer).
They have never accepted that up to 1896 the TM 
was only in a prepartory state, on the contrary 
they claim that with 1896 all occult machines have 
stooped and that no further development must be 
made, therefore the ULT is a kind of museum of the 
theosophical past, but they have no responsibility 
for the present nor the future.
They do not accept leadership, therefore they are 
not leaded and have no progress.
Their publications allow no criticism, discourse, 
no constrast like in theos-talk, therefore blind 
believe of yes-nodders is wished.
They did not found a Mystery school, nor did they 
support the one Katherine Tingley founded.
They opposed The Mahatma Letters.

On the contrary they were satisfied with the 
degenerated, psychic lodges of the TSA and would 
have not closed them.
But that was not the policy of the Leaders of the 

The howler is that Dallas labels the rejection of 
their mayavic, childish, proud claims of their 
wonder works as a break of universal brotherhood, 
while I hold to the contrary, that my rejection is 
exactly a militant defense of this universal 
brotherhood in Lucifer style.

My question now is: What exactly has the ULT done 
the last 100 years to fulfill the plans of the 
Masters of Wisdom, except printing books?
I no of nothing. And printing books is no magic, 
every mundane society can do that.

>But I do believe Mr. Harris' article helps to 
>clear up some of the
mistaken views concerning Mrs. Tingley.

Yes, at least to me. How I would have liked it to 
have been with her and to be instructed by her!
I guess she was really the saviour of the 
Theosophical Movement.
Word and deed were one and the same for her.
She had spiritual aims and visions, not psychic 

The ULT is free to be lucky to be without a leader 
and without a spritual vision which goes beyond 
the brain-mind reading of HPB and WQJ (which is 
better than nothing).
But I attack their claims to be the fulfillers or 
followers of HPB.
The ULT stands in the same relation to HPB as the 
protestant church to Jesus.
They are negatively aganist an authority, right or 
wrong, but have no positive world-view to offer.
And book-reading, book-printing and boosk-seeling 
including recitations on meetings are not enough 
for spiritaul progress as the ULT proofs for 
itsself, or did they brought forth anything which 

Or to ask the other way round: How would the TM 
look today without ULT?
What would you miss?

I think it is time that the ULT is to prompt to 
excuse for their misleading newsletter and admit 
that they have twisted history and misunderstood 
HPB and WQJ.


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