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Re: Theos-World Fundamentalism, religion and reason

Aug 02, 2006 09:50 PM
by Cass Silva

My thinking is that all religions are steeped in good/evil, reward/punishment axioms coming from a personal god, who for the most part does our thinking for us.   The rationale behind this is that we are no longer responsible for our actions but are messengers or defenders of the faith.

The skepticism of science is refreshing and provides a balance against this ancient thinking.  I would prefer to deal with a skeptical scientist that a bible/koran punching believer. Imagine trying to explain to a Muslim or a Christian that we are part of a quantum universe and that within that universe there are multiple choices that can be made.  Imagine telling them that we create our own reality and impact on  this reality with our thoughts and emotions and that at no point is there the notion that whatever choice we make will result in a reward or a punishment.  The result of my choices, which will either quicken or slower my evolution.  IMO, it's as simple as that.

One of the Masters stated that when mankind is too far in error nature will intervene.  I can see this happening in the world right now.  It was predicted when the door closed on this evolution.  Those that slipped through at the last moment had the opportunity to re-think their existence.  If some of the sub-races disappear, I imagine it is in the normal course of events, as the foundation of the sixth root race must take precedence over fourth and fith root races.

What is happening in the Middle East is very sad, but understandable, if we are going to accept the teachings of the ancient wisdom.



plcoles1 <> wrote:                                  Hello Pedro,
 I hope you are doing well.
 Thanks for your comments, I just thought I'd put forward a few thoughts.
 For me I think that the problem with the clash between religious fundamentalism and 
 reason really boils down to an issue of power.
 I have just finished watching an excellent series called "Christianity the first 2000 years" 
 watching that series it really became clear how much of an ongoing paradox religion can 
 Religion has been used as a means to control nations and people in order to maintain 
 status quo, any descent to the dogma of the religious establishment then becomes a 
 threat to that `order'.
 Science and philosophy had to assert themselves in order to be able to evolve and 
 maintain integrity.
 As seems to happen, things move from one extreme to the other and so it's a constant 
 balancing act.
 The idea to form a society to comparatively study religion philosophy and science was a 
 brilliant idea.
 Its interesting that the title page of `Key to Theosophy' reads :
 "Being a Clear Exposition, in the Form of Question and Answer, of the ETHICS, SCIENCE, 
 AND PHILOSOPHY for the Study of which The Theosophical Society has been Founded."
 Interesting that ethics is included here as well.
 Another statement in the Mahatma letters worth noting is where the Mahatma say's 
 `science is our best ally', it's an interesting statement to ponder upon why that may be the 
 Science without ethics is dangerous just as religion with reason is also dangerous and so a 
 synthesis of some kind is needed in order to try and develop a healthy balance. 
 Much emotional attachment can be caught up in some belief systems as well as fear based 
 mindsets which seem to maintain a very strong hold in the skandhas, thus they pass on to 
 the new personality perhaps for many lifetimes to come.
 I think the purpose of the TS was to try and get people re-examining their beliefs and 
 attitudes in order help humanity move forward into a deeper and profounder 
 understanding of themselves and the cosmos by refining the intellectual faculties by 
 tempered with compassion and tolerance.

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