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Aug 02, 2006 11:35 AM
by carlosaveline


This is a 2004 Theos-talk text by Gregory Tillett. 
As an answer to the message you see below, our friend Anand sent but a few lines saying he was not interested in discussing the topic.   This is understandable, but, then, why stick to Leadbeater as if he were a serious and spiritual author, and why stick to the rites and rituals he created, as if they were means to get in contact with divine planes of consciousness? 

I bring this in a candid attitude,  as I believe that understanding its past the movement can free itself to a better future. 

Those who avoid true facts about CWL are sometimes those who circulate falsehoods about two of the founders. 

Regards,  Carlos. 

Leadbeater revised
by Gregory Tillett 
[From Theos-talk, Jul 24, 2004 02:23 AM] 

Anand Gholap claimed:

"(4) Boys asked him [Leadbeater] what to do about continuous sexual 
thoughts in their minds. Leadbeater replied masturbation would relieve 
from those thoughts for some time. Any doctor will tell you he is right. 
>>From that statement many stories were created by others about CWL."

Interesting revision of history, but, alas, simply false. 

Leadbeater, by his own admission:

(i) claimed to be able to know clairvoyantly when boys where experiencing 
sexual desire and initiated discussions about masturbation with them;

(ii) "taught" (his word) masturbation to boys [whatever "taught" might 

(iii) included "indicative action" in his "teaching" of masturbation;

(iv) may have used "physical touch" in his "teaching" of masturbation;

(v) did such things to pre-pubescent boys.

This is a long way - morally and legally - from providing counselling to 
boys who sought his advice. Any doctor (or psychologist or clergyman or 
counsellor) who did what Leadbeater admitted doing would be de-registered 
and sent to jail.

Dr Gregory Tillett

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