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Carlos on the "ins" and "outs" of the Theosophical Movement

Aug 02, 2006 10:17 AM
by danielhcaldwell


You write:

"Paul Johnson is not interested in real, transcendental Theosophy."

How do you know that?  Did Johnson tell you that?  Did Johnson write 
this somewhere?

Actually I had the impression he WAS interested in "real,
transcendental Theosophy."  I could be wrong but maybe you are!! 

Then Carlos take this statement of yours:

"As so many others, Johnson thought he could 'explain' HPB 
and 'reveal' the Masters from a purely materialistic viewpoint."

I'm curious Carlos, have you read ANY of Johnson's books so you 
would really be in A POSITION to know what "Johnson thought".

I do think Johnson tried to approach these issues from a historical 
point of view since HPB was a real historical figure and the claim 
is made that the Masters are real physical historical people.  

So I guess you could say he had "a purely materialistic viewpoint".  
I would prefer to say he wrote "from a historical viewpoint."

Again you write:

"The question is: who, in the theosophical movement, started using 
P. J. inside the movement, as if his points of view could 
be 'interesting' to students of esoteric philosophy?

"He himself reveals it, in his frank writings to Theos-talk in 
February 2006.  It was John Algeo, and youself, besides your alter 
ego and false identity 'David Green', who opened, or half-opened, 
the movement doors to Paul Johnson."

Well are you assuming Johnson was "outside" the Theosophical 
Movement and WE had to start using PJ inside the movement???  

I believe he was a member of the Pasadena TS, had read the Secret 
Doctrine, had given talks at Theosophical lodges.  So WHO ARE YOU to 
say he was not a Theosophist and therefore "outside" the movement.

Jesus save us!!

Well golly since he wrote about HPB and her Masters I ASSUMED 
that "his points of view could be 'interesting' to students of 
esoteric philosophy".

I assume Dr. Algeo did to.

As to someone being inside or outside what you call "the 
Theosophical Movement", I could care less.

Was I "inside" the Theosophical Movement when I wrote my critique of 
Paul Johnson's books?  Am I "inside" the Theosophical Movement now?
Is my website "inside" or "outside" the Theosophical Movement?

Frankly I could care less and frankly I could care even less what 
your opinion may or may not be.

So when you write about "opened, or half-opened, the movement doors 
to Paul Johnson", you are assuming that he was outside the movement 
and you are also assuming that I was inside the movement or that I 
somehow had the power to open the doors.

I deal with people all the time in my correspondence, who go to my 
website, who have read some of my books, etc. etc.

I simply don't care if they are a  member of any Theosophical group 
or organization or association.  Are they in or out of the Movement?
Don't really care...don't really know.

Walter Carrithers was never a member of any of the Theosophical 
organizations and he didn't care to be and from what I gathered had 
some very serious reservations about all the existing Theosophical 
groups, yep even ULT.

So was Walter inside or outside the Movement?

Then you write:

"After some time, though, you 'discovered' that it was not 
politically profitable to use Johnson any longer to your own 
purposes. Or -- was it no longer necessary? Please clarify."

"Then you started to apparenly defend the movement against PJ..."

Here Carlos you have so many presuppositions and assumptions piled 
on each other, where would one even begin to straighten your 
thinking out on the subject?  Assuming that your thinking could be 
straighten out!  :)

As far as I can tell, you don't have a clue.

Notice your phrases:

" use Johnson any longer to your own purposes."

"Then you started to apparenly defend the movement against PJ..."

Jesus, how many assumptions are hidden in those words?????

>From my first comments about Johnson's first book in my OCCULT WORLD 
OF MADAME BLAVATSKY until today, my views have been the same.  And 
on my website I have always had a link to my critique of his books 
and his reply and my further comments. 

And who said I was defending the "movement" against PJ???

Carlos believe whatever you want to about all of this.  Assign 
whatever motives or actions you want to me.  I really don't care. 
I see no reason to defend myself especially from you.

People can believe or disbelieve whatever they want.

I simply present material as food for thought.  If they want to 
throw it in the garbage can without looking at it, good let them do 
it.  It's their choice. Or they can do whatever....

I have presented material and critiques on Paul Johnson's writings 
about HPB and the Masters.  But I could care less whether Paul 
Johnson likes or dislikes me.  But neither Paul nor you nor me is 
(as far as I'm concerned) the subject matter.  HPB, the Masters and 
Theosophy are my interest and I will not waste too much time on 
secondary if not issues that are totally tertiary. 



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