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IMHO, Most revealing comments from Carlos

Aug 02, 2006 08:29 AM
by danielhcaldwell

Carlos,  below you write some very revealing comments.
I quote them first and follow them up with my own

First your revealing comments:

When I first read Letter Seven and other idiocies in Algeo's volume, 
in the first semester of 2004, I painfully doubted HPB. At first, I 
just could not think USA TPH could publish a fake and slanderous 

Then I stopped to think, went through the "sources" of that fake 
text, saw it came from Soloviof, understood it all, and called from 
my rural home and library in Brasilia to a friend, a long standing 
editor in the English language (not a ULT member):

-- "Tell me, am I dreaming, or Soloviof cannot be taken as a source 
of any historical information on HPB? Take a look at Sylvia 
Cranston! What happened to Algeo and the TPH?"

And the person said:

-- "You are right. Soloviof can be no source".

Then I stopped doubting HPB. And still I checked that with Algeo
himself, with Radha Burnier, Dara Eklund, Joy Mills and many others,
before getting tougher.

So, I clearly put TRUTH and FACTS well above any current opinion of 

Now my comments:

Your very first sentence is very revealing to me:

"When I first read Letter Seven and other idiocies in Algeo's 
volume, in the first semester of 2004, I painfully doubted HPB."

Let me get this straight.  Are you saying that only 2 and 1/2 years 
ago that you, the great defender of HPB against all slanderers and 
libel-propagators, had doubts about HPB?????

You even emphasize your doubt by saying it was painful:

I ..........  PAINFULLY DOUBTED ............... HPB.

You don't say how long you had those PAINFUL DOUBTS.

Was it only for a few seconds or minutes or hours or days
BEFORE you stopped doubting and started thinking???

Furthermore, are you telling me that you knew so little about HPB's 
life, about her life's work, about the controversies, about her 
struggles, about her teachings, that such PAINFUL DOUBTS could 
apparently overwhelm you or at least throw you off balance??

I do NOT know your specific situation, but it would appear to me 
that possibly a more well grounded person would not have had such a 
emotional reaction as you experienced.

Then you say:

"At first, I just could not think USA TPH could publish a fake and 
slanderous action."

But wait think about it....Carlos

Don't you believe that the teachings of Leadbeater are 
basically "pseudo-Theosophy"...or even fake?

I don't exactly know what you think about Leadbeater's teachings but 
many Blavatsky students are not shy in saying that they are simply 
fake....that Leadbeater was a fraud pure and simple....

But if you consider his teachings "pseudo" however you may define 
that word, then think:  both Adyar TPH and Wheaton publish these 
books of Leadbeater...

So why did  you (naively??) assume that TPH Adyar or Wheaton would 
NOT publish other questionable material????

Or in 2004 did you still believe in Leadbeater's claims and 

So when you write:

"I just could not think USA TPH could publish a fake and slanderous 

you seem to be placing TOO MUCH FAITH and TRUST in a publisher...or 
at least so it seems to me.

Turning briefly to my own initial experiences:

When I came to Theosophy and Blavatsky in 1968, I did NOT have any 
trust in any of these theosophical publishers.  I'm not saying I 
mistrusted them BUT how was I to know (being a complete newbie to 
all of this) who was telling the truth about HPB?  Was a 
theosophical author telling me the truth about HPB and Theosophy?
Or was some non-theosophical writer telling the truth about all of 
this?  Some books portray HPB as a fake, others as a genuine 
occultist.  How is the newbie to know what is what?  

Theosophical publishers could simply be pushing their own propaganda 
or agenda.  Doesn't society in general view Theosophy as just 
a "cult" of many of those bizarre occult cults.....That was 
the atmosphere in which I was introduced to HPB and Theosophy.  

I wanted to know what I should believe...this view or that was I to know in 1968 who was telling the truth and who 
was telling lies or pushing propaganda?

But in 2004 I assume you had more must have read in 
previous years more widely in Theosophical literature....That you 
had thought more about these subjects and had discussed some of 
these issues with other Theosophical students....

Or is my assumption wrong?  That is, in prior years to 2004 you had 
NOT read widely and thought about all these things....

Later you write:

"Then I stopped doubting HPB...."

Peace at last???

At this point I won't comment on any more of your revealing comments.

So now it appears (at least to me) that possibly you want to help 
produce a volume in which all the letters that caused you such 
PAINFUL doubting are simply removed.  That way, others will not have 
to go thru such PAINFUL EXPERIENCES.... of doubting HPB.

And you do not want others to read in my book THE ESOTERIC WORLD OF 
MADAME BLAVATSKY those disgusting testimonies by Coulomb and company 
because they too might experience PAINFUL DOUBT of HPB....

I find this understandable if in fact this is how you view all of 

More in my next email.



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