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Re: About the war, the oil, and the Palestinians civilians

Aug 02, 2006 01:28 AM
by Truth Collins

There are lyrics from a contemporary punk rock band, "...we're all to
blame" ... "hopelessly and helplessly blind, ... all the same," "with
no sacrafice..." Basically, in my opinion, the song lyrics say that we
are all to blame because of our own selfishness (Sum41).  I.e., that
my failure to reach enlightenment is 'your' as well, and vice versa,
and raises the question of humanities responsibility for each other. 
In short, it is a little song about Universal Brotherhood, though most
don't know it.

Regardsless of who is to blame, the following link should show what an
abhorant feeling, the sense of ingratiation, of being treated
ungratefully as if one is not a fellow human being, that this war has
brought to the middle east.  By way of the most recent example in
Palestine: which is also site of
graphic images (though different than the previous sites images) that
sensitive souls might want to be forwarned about.  The best part about
the web page isn't the horrible suffering portrayed, but the link to a
petition to stop it: , a "Save
the Lebanese Civilians Petition."

So if one wants to avoid graphicly honest images, but would still like
to help the civilians, than one can go directly to the petition page.
 Violence leads to further violence, so stopping violence to one is a
step towards stopping retaliatory violence as well.

namaste, Truth C.

--- In, leonmaurer@... wrote:
> Condemning and fomenting hatred of an entire national, ethnic or
> group because of the acts of their leaders is unconscionable and
directly in 
> contradiction of all the moral and ethical principles of theosophy.   
> I thought this article by an internationally respected
> might clarify the truths behind the current war in the Middle East 

> The failure to stop the bloodletting in the Middle East,
> Exxon's record second-quarter profits and Iran's
> nuclear cat-and-mouse game have something in common --
> it's the oil
> By Greg Palast
> July 26, 2006


> Times bestseller, ARMED
> MADHOUSE: Who's Afraid of Osama Wolf?, China Floats Bush Sinks,
> the Scheme to Steal '08, No Child's Behind Left and other Dispatches
> from the Front Lines of the Class War. Go to: 
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