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Aug 01, 2006 05:55 PM
by Cass Silva

Hi Marie
I would suggest that this constant bickering and backbiting is doing more to chase people away from Theosophy.  Words like brotherhood and scandal monger are mixed in the same sentence, all diversionary tactics to keep the lower mind occupied with HPB's personality rather than the ancient teachings that she brought to the west.  Somehow, I cannot see HPB needing a Don Quixote.

Cass wrote:                                   
 In a message dated 8/1/2006 8:58:29 AM Central Daylight Time, writes:
 Why do not you suggest to Daniel Cadlwell, or to John  Algeo, 
 that they might start having respect for truth and for the founder  of the 
 theosophical movement? 
 That'is only a humble suggestion from  me. Think about that. 
 Best regards, Carlos.  
 Carlos, thank you for your suggestion. I have been thinking about all that,  
 much too often lately, it seems. My suggestions, or yours, would fall on deaf  
 ears because what has been done has been done! My concern is that you are  
 PICKING on Daniel Caldwell to a degree that it is ridiculous. It is not  
 sportsmanlike, nor is it theosophical to keep hammering the same point home to a  
 person that had little to do with what John Algeo did, or does. 
 Carlos, the only thing that you can control is what YOU do. That means you  
 have to act, so that we may then criticize you. Although, most of us wouldn't. 
 I  am speaking for myself, of course. I want you to do what you can do to 
 bring  truth and light to the world. H.P.B. is dead and cremated, she does not 
 need  your defense now. By attacking anyone else, you are not defending poor 
 H.P.B.,  you are raining down disharmony into the world. Please think about  that.
 p.s. and this will be the last word on this topic Carlos. I do not want to  
 be harrassed because I have spoken my true feelings.
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