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Aug 01, 2006 03:36 PM
by MarieMAJ41

In a message dated 8/1/2006 5:19:51 PM Central Daylight Time, writes:


I think I stated a fact. 

Marie got upset because  Daniel was criticized. She did not get upset as long 
as HPB was being  slandered and Algeo. 

But, if Marie defended HPB, please let me know. I  will be happy to correct 
my mistake. 


Carlos, Friends
This is exactly what I and Bill and I believe Daniel as well are subjected  
to. Things out of context, and statements made about people's state of mind, 
etc  as though these things were FACTS, and not just your humble opinion. 
Please, do  correct your mistake Carlos. I do not have to defend H.P.B. just because 
I am  sick to death of your harrassing, demeaning, deleterious, sophomoric 
and  egotistical stances.
If you want to know, I happen to believe that H.P.B. was a human being, the  
best that the Mahatmas could find, but by no means perfect, as  they 
themselves have said. To what extent she was not perfect is not for us  to judge. The 
message that she brought is what I am all about, not the  messenger. Though, I 
wish I were one smidgeon as great as that great soul.
So, cease and desist with your personal assaults of Caldwell,  Algeo, and 
anyone else that does not agree with you. You have studied much, and  that shows. 
You used to be a TSA member, now disenchanted. I too am a  disenchanted 
member of the TSA. I have not left that Society because it is  not about societies, 
but about the work that they do. Imperfect, yes. But still,  they are 
spreading theosophy. I wish you would stick to spreading theosophy,  Carlos. You are 
very passionate and could raise the consciousness of  many. I even appreciate 
the concern you have about the truth. But do not  believe for one minute that 
you are the sole possessor of it.
p.s. and even your subject line is full of temerity and  judgement.

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