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Re: Theos-World TO MARIE -- II

Aug 01, 2006 01:03 PM
by samblo

Hi Bill,
 Thanks for you comments and POV, I agree with your view. I think if people 
here would in reading these contesting duels these question of the writer"

1. What is having that thought?
2. What is performing that action?
3. What is creating that consideration?
4. What is creating that agreement?
5. What is the stable datum of this communication?
6. What is left out of this communication?
7. What is the tone level of this communication?

Patanjali's Sutra indicates over and over that in terms of our Earthly 
Consciousness there is a patterned, conditioned dominant mind that can be seen as 
the single common universal fundamental denominator that constitutes the 
resource that originates thoughts, actions, deeds, considerations, agreements, 
postulates, stable operating datum's, in all cases of conscious activity for all of 
mankind. The first valuable cognitive action is to learn to observe this 
entity of mind and see it for what it is on the stage of the play of life on planet 
Earth. No substantial positive change is possible without doing this 
cognition. Without it the inane arguments will continue forever.


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