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Contrast is not Separation

Aug 01, 2006 11:15 AM
by carlosaveline

Dear Friends,

Whatever the differences among people in Theos-talk, a few things are clear to me. 
Differences are real;  constrast is part of life; and  life tests every bit of knowledge. But there is no separation among living beings,  and therefore there can be no real separation among members of Theos-talk.  At least in this sense, we are all brethren, including seekers, mockers, dissent-sowers, and so on. 

As if he wanted to illustrate the Pythagorean & Theosophical absence of separation in the Universe, astronomer Bob Berman wrote in the magazine "ASTRONOMY", May 2006 (p. 18):

"We're not truly separate. Interactions between Earth and the cosmos are continuous. In fact, everything is so interconnected, the links so intimate, that the universe's emissaries pay continuous courtesy calls on our bodies. (...) Raise your palm towards Arcturus, the brightest springtime star. Feel anything? Well, at least you tried. This giant yellow-orange sun warms up your hand to the same extent as a candle located 3 miles away."

Regards, Carlos. 

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