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SOWING GOSSIPS, Aveline and Leadbeater

Jul 31, 2006 08:46 AM
by danielhcaldwell

It is interesting that Carlos Aveline does not
deal with the substance of my posting concerning
the accuracy of the 2 "Theosophical Movement" histories
but apparently tries to distract by his ad hominem remarks about
my apparent motives.

But during the years I posted critical remarks on
Theos-Talk about Leadbeater and his claims and teachings
I cannot remember any ULT associate speaking up saying

In fact, a number of ULT associates have been very
supportive in various ways of my efforts in showing
various things concerning Leadbeater.

I wonder why now when I question for example some of
the historical claims mentioned in the two "Theosophical
Movement" histories in regards to Tingley and Crosbie,
Carlos brings up this SOWING GOSSIP argument?

Below is just a sampling of some of the postings I have
made here on Theos-Talk about Leadbeater:

Why would Leadbeater change his birthdate?
A "conspiracy theory" sort of thinking about Leadbeater's birthdate

Anand ignores the EVIDENCE showing Leadbeater was born in 1854
The records showing Leadbeater was born in 1854


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