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On Daniel's Work

Jul 31, 2006 08:37 AM
by carlosaveline

 The matter of the fact is that a great number of people, from different organizations, believe Daniel Caldwell is far from reliable as a compiler, or editor. That includes many a member of the Adyar Society. 
 Caldwell himself admitted a few days ago he tampered with his oown book about HPB, failing to admit the "second edition" changed a whole lot more than the title. But Caldwell only admitted that after Mark Jacqua brought the facts here. 
 People as different as K. Paul Johnson, who does not believe in HPB or Theosophy, and the Canadian author Ernest Pelletier, an outstanding student of HPB, have this in common: Caldwell's work, or David Green's, or the work of any of his other alter egos, cannot be trusted. The same seems to apply to the texts in his (or "their") websites. 
 So the fact that Caldwell has been publicizing slanders against HPB and W. Judge, or attacking theosophical groups under false names, is far from being isolated.
 Best regards, Carlos Cardoso Aveline 

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