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"Theosophical Movement”" histories written by "Theosophy" Magazine editors

Jul 31, 2006 08:18 AM
by danielhcaldwell

"Theosophical Movement" histories 
written by  "Theosophy" Magazine editors

In May of this year on Theos-Talk, Kenneth Small wrote:

"...The ULT 'history', even the 'edited' later 'Theosophical 
Movement 1875-1950' has much significant inaccurate information. 
Quite some years ago when I was studying all the TS historical info, 
I read through this book and began to mark up the chapters relating 
to Point Loma, Tingley, Crosbie etc. with corrections.....THERE WERE 
SO MANY I DIDN'T FINISH ! it was laughable.... I asked my father 
[Emmett Small] what he thought: he smiled and said "well, that's 
what they BELIEVE....though it didn't happen that way..." Iverson 
Harris had earlier attempted to present some historical facts re 
Crosbie/Tingley/Point Loma to ULT but I don't believe he received 
any answer. I think that in principle that when organizations are 
open with their respective historical views and willing to change 
and adjust previous errors of fact that intercommunicaton and open 
interchange of Theosophy is enhanced. It can only be beneficial
when old control issues and representations are released and positive
energy is then always the result. I am all for anything that goes in 
this direction."

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