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More Testimony of Col. Olcott as to the Existence of the Masters

Jul 31, 2006 07:36 AM
by danielhcaldwell

More Testimony of Col. Henry S. Olcott 
as to the Existence of the Masters


July 15, 1879, Bombay, India

"...[I] had visit in body of the Sahib [Morya]!! [He] sent Babula to 
my room to call me to HPB's bungalow, and there we had a most 
important private interview. Alas! how puerile and vain these men 
make one feel by contrast with them...."

Source:   Olcott, Henry S.   Unpublished Diaries.  Entry for July 
15, 1879, Bombay, India.

"...This . . . Brother [Morya] once visited me in the flesh at 
Bombay, coming in full day light, and on horseback.  He had me 
called by a servant into the front room of H. P.B.'s bungalow (she 
being at the time in the other bungalow talking with those who were 
"He came to scold me roundly for something I had done in T. S. 
matters, and as H. P. B. was also to blame, he telegraphed to her to 
come, that is to say he turned his face and extended his finger in 
the direction of the place she was in.  She came over at once with a 
rush, and seeing him dropped on her knees and paid him reverence.  
My voice and his had been heard by those in the other bungalow, but 
only H. P. B. and I, and the servant saw him...."

Source:  Olcott, Henry S.    Letter from Col. Olcott to Mr. H----- 
X -----.  This letter (dated Sept. 30, 1881) from Henry S. Olcott to 
Allan O. Hume about the Mahatmas was first published in A.O. Hume's 
Hints on Esoteric Theosophy, No. 1, 1882, pp. 76-86. 


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