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Re: Occult World Silent Editing

Jul 30, 2006 09:26 AM
by Mark Jaqua

Re:  Occult World Editing
      Yes, right, I mispoke.  I should 
have put "Where" and "If" something was 
edited and not "What."
      But let me ask you,  would you as an 
author quote from a book that had been 
"silently edited?"  At least the dots (....) 
gives it validity and one knows that 
something is missing.  With the dots in, 
one might use the quote, but without the 
dots, I wouldn't use the quote myself.  
Occult World may be an excellent source 
of material, but how much ultimate good 
does that do if other researchers won't 
quote from it.
     Like I said before, if some of early 
material isn't available somewhere.... 
then it also looks like something is being 
hid by theosophists.  So point to where it i
s available, or even help make available, 
but one doesn't have to helter-skelter 
intermix it with unchallenged material.
       Impressive material that Dallas used 
on Theosophy's attitude to the whole issue.  
He certainly has the material. 
has online Blavatsky's translation of 
Dosteovsky's "The Grand Inquisitor" - taken 
from a pamphlet that Dallas published in 
the 1940's!
                - jake j.
<do the dots tell you if anything important 
<has been deleted or that something might 
<have been deleted "causing one to be 
  <The dots would only tell you where something 
<has been deleted... as far as I can see, the 
<presence of the dots do NOT necessarily  help 
<you to ascertain if something important has 
<been deleted.  

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