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Jul 30, 2006 07:16 AM
by carlosaveline


The present conflict between Israel and Hezbollah might end up to be a rehearsal for something bigger.  

The  Islamist, messianic and radical ideas of Iran's President are not helpful in calming the situation down.  

The Iranian search for an advanced nuclear project makes Israel's strategists want to clear things and improve their military scenario BEFORE  Iran's president tries to fulfil his repeated threats. He uses to say  that Israel should  cease to exist, etc. Two days ago, he  said that "Israel has pressed the button of its self destruction". 

The Arab version of Hitler's "final solution", perhaps. 

Meanwhile, Hezbollah sees no problem in going on with a conflict that kills 10 Lebanese civilians for each Israeli civilian.  As long as its militants can hide among those innocent civilians  who die,  it seems to be OK with Hezbollah. 

This is a war against defenceless civilians.   Families, honest workers, peaceaful people, the immense  majority of Arabs and Jews,  have been trapped by the Hatred Game created and fed by nationalistic bureaucracies in both sides of the border.   

One might think: "If the theosophical movement had done its job in a more efficient way..."  but that  would be hindsight. 
As a matter of fact, everything in the universe is connected, and we can still try and do something.  
We are active parts  of the process by which a new planetary consciousness emerges.   Of course, it does not emerge in a sea of roses.  I hope it does not emerge in a sea of blood.  
We may be facing now the paradox of the rose in the cross. The NEW often comes out of tremendous suffering, like the  more mature Europe which emerged out of  the Second World War.  

Western Civilization faces interesting moments and Theosophy is as necessary now as in any other point in History: universal wisdom is extremely needed.  

Best regards,  Carlos. 

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