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Besant, Leadbeater and "Tantra"

Jul 30, 2006 06:41 AM
by carlosaveline

Dallas, Friends,

Thanks.  As you know, Dallas, it was during the Besant|Leadbeater period that strange combinations between perverted Sex and PseudoTheosophy first started. 

Theosophists must learn from past mistakes in their movement,  in order not to repeat them again and again.

That's why trying to conceal Leadbeater's abuses and pseudoclairvoyance absurdities does not help the movement.

Yet I guess the general tendency is to recover the notion that Theosophy cannot be separated from Ethics and Moderation in all things terrestrial.  

Best regards,  Carlos.


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Assunto:[Spam] Theos-World Re: Tantra & Theosophy Virtual Lodge

> 7/29/2006 3:05 PM
> Re: Tantra & Theosophy Virtual Lodge
> Lets be true to our Higher Selves. 
> Dear T C & Friends:
> I seek to make no connections. As you may read I present what I find
> THEOSOPHY offers to us all to consider. I try to avoid offering "my
> opinions."
> The matter is of universal morality and the ethics of compassion. No one
> has the right to impose any act of force against another's free will. Do
> they ?
> Using any personal force is an abuse, isn't it ? It is selfishness and
> pertains to the desires and ambitions of the self-centered KAMA-MANAS - the
> residing force wholly concerned with "Prakriti" or Matter. THEOSOPHY says
> that when Prakriti-Kama is PURIFIED (made unselfish) it is restored to its
> primeval condition: BUDDHI or wisdom.
> No one "owns" WISDOM. It is common property, just as the principles of
> mathematics, physics, engineering, logic or chemistry are a common
> commodity.
> This ancient exposition of wisdom is not always popular, as the "lower-mind"
> (or KAMA-MANAS - the "desire-mind") implies its discipline and training, so
> that each researcher, if honest and true,
> will be impartial, impersonal, and universal in his / her views. Of this
> attitude the concept of UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD as a practise and attitude
> of mind arises.
> [Friend: I try to avoid "chat." If however we are seeking to verify basics
> and principles, I am sure we are all able to agree on them because they will
> be found to be impersonal and universal. I am too ill and weak to "attend."
> Sorry. ]
> -------------------------------------------------
> "The star under which a human Entity is born, says the Occult teaching, will
> for ever remain its star, throughout the whole cycle of its incarnations in
> one manvantara. But this is not his astrological star. The latter is
> concerned and connected with the personality, the former with the
> INDIVIDUALITY. The "Angel" of that Star, or the Dhyani-Buddha will be
> either the guiding or simply the presiding "Angel," so to say, in every new
> rebirth of the monad, which is part of his own essence. though his vehicle,
> man, may remain for ever ignorant of this fact.
> The adepts have each their Dhyani-Buddha, their elder "twin Soul," and they
> know it, calling it "Father-Soul," and "Father-Fire." It is only at the
> last and supreme initiation, however, that they learn it when placed face to
> face with the bright "image." ( Zanoni...his Augoeides.)... (513 bot.)
> "There are seven chief groups of such Dhyan Chohans...the primeval seven
> RAYS. Humanity, occultism teaches us, is divided into seven distinct groups
> and their sub-divisions, mental, spiritual, and physical." 
> SD I 572-3 [See the foot-note SD I 573]
> "Matter or Substance is septenary within our World, as it is so beyond it.
> Moreover, each of its states or principles is graduated into seven degrees
> of density." SD I 289
> "It is that LIGHT which condenses into the forms of the "Lords of
> Being"--the first and highest of which are, collectively JIVATMA, or
> Pratyagatma (GLOS. p. 261 -- ALAYA)...From these downwards--formed from the
> ever consolidating waves of that light, which becomes on the objective plane
> gross matter--proceed the numerous hierarchies of the Creative Forces, some
> formless, others having their own distinctive form." SD I 33-4
> "Having sprung into being under the quickening influence of the uncreated
> beam, the reflection of the great Central Sun that radiates on the shores of
> the river of Life, it is the inner principle in them [the Beings of
> Hierarchies] which belong to the waters of immortality, while its
> differentiated clothing is as perishable as man's body." SD I 106
> "The hosts of these Sons of Light and "Mind-born Sons" of the first
> manifested Ray of the UNKNOWN ALL, are the very root of spiritual man."
> SD I 106
> " absolute consciousness, "Adi-Buddhi;" and the Buddhist philosopher
> knows that there are Planetary Spirits, the "Dhyan Chohans."...If the Dhyan
> Chohans and all the Invisible Beings--the Seven Centres and their direct
> Emanations, the minor centres of Energy--are the direct reflux of the ONE
> LIGHT, yet men are far removed from these, since the whole of the visible
> Kosmos consists of Self-produced beings, the creatures of Karma."... they
> teach that only "two things are (objectively) eternal, namely Akasa and
> Nirvana;" and that these are ONE in reality, and but a maya when divided. "
> SD I 635 -6 
> " the eye of the Seer, the higher Planetary Powers appear under two
> aspects: the subjective--as influences--, and the objective -- as mystic
> FORMS, which under Karmic law, become a Presence, Spirit and Matter being
> One,... Spirit 1s matter on the seventh plane; matter is Spirit--on the
> lowest point of its cyclic activity; and both--are MAYA." SD I 633
> "The Planetary Spirits are the informing spirits of the Stars 1n general,
> and of the Planets especially. They rule the destinies of men who are all
> born under one or other of their constellations; the 2nd. and 3rd. groups
> pertaining to other systems have the same functions, and all rule various
> departments of Nature deities who preside over the 8 points of
> the compass...
> Loka-Palas...The Lipika...are the Spirits of the Universe, whereas the
> Builders are only our own planetary deities. The former belong to the most
> occult portion of Cosmogenesis...the Lipika are connected with Karma--being
> its direct Recorders. (p. 126): "the Lipika are concerned with Humanity's
> hereafter." SD I 128
> "..the true esoteric meaning is that most of them ( the Agnishwatta Pitris)
> were destined to incarnate as the Egos of the forthcoming crop of Mankind.
> The human Ego is neither Atman nor Buddhi, but the higher Manas: the
> intellectual fruition and the efflorescence of the intellectual
> self-conscious Egotism--in the higher spiritual sense. The ancient works
> refer to 1t as Karana Sarira on the plane of the Sutratma, which is the
> golden thread on which, like beads, the various personalities of this higher
> Ego are strung... these beings were returning Nirvanees, from preceding
> Maha-Manvantaras--ages of incalculable duration..." SD II 79
> "...from the Sun to the vital heat of the meanest organic being--the world
> of Form and Existence is an immense chain, whose links are all connected."
> SD I 604
> "...the chief features of one's life are always in accordance with the
> "Constellation" one is born under, or, we should say, with the
> characteristics of its animating principle or the deity that presides over
> it, whether we call it a Dhyan Chohan...or an Archangel...In ancient
> symbolism it was always the SUN (though the Spiritual, not the visible, Sun
> was meant), that was supposed to send forth the chief Saviors and Avatars.
> Hence the connecting Link between the Buddhas, the Avatars, and so many
> other incarnations of the highest SEVEN.
> The closer the approach to one Prototype, "in Heaven," the better for the
> mortal whose personality was chosen, by his own personal deity (the 7th
> principle), as its terrestrial abode. For with every effort of will toward
> purification and unity with that "Self-god," one of the lower rays breaks
> and the spiritual entity of man is drawn higher and ever higher to the ray
> that supersedes the first, until from ray to ray, the inner man is drawn
> into the one and highest beam of the Parent SUN." SD I 638
> "Yes;" our destiny is written in the stars!" Only the closer the union
> between the mortal reflection MAN and his celestial PROTOTYPE, the less
> dangerous the external conditions and subsequent reincarnations--which
> neither Buddhas nor Christs can escape. " SD I 639
> " is a free agent during his stay on earth. He cannot escape his
> ruling destiny, but he has the choice of two paths that lead him in that
> direction, and he can reach the goal of misery--if such is decreed to him,
> either in the snowy white robes of the Martyr, or in the soiled garments of
> a volunteer in the iniquitous course; for, there are external and internal
> conditions which affect the determination of our will upon our actions, and
> it is in our power to follow either of the two...this destiny is guided
> either by the heavenly voice of the invisible prototype outside of us, or by
> our more intimate astral, or inner man, who is but too often the evil genius
> of the embodied entity called man. Both these lead on the outward man, but
> one of them must prevail; and from the very beginning of the invisible
> affray the stern and implacable law of compensation steps 1n and takes its
> course, faithfully following the fluctuations...[of] this self-made
> destiny..." SD I 639
> "It is the spiritual evolution of the inner, invisible man that forms the
> fundamental tenet in the Occult Sciences...the ONE Universal Life,
> independent of matter...and...the individual intelligences that animate the
> various manifestations of this Principle...The ONE LIFE is closely related
> to the one law which governs the World of Being--KARMA...
> (p. 635) "The one Cosmic atom becomes seven atoms on the plane of matter,
> and each is transformed into a center of energy; that same atom becomes
> seven rays on the plane of spirit, and the 7 creative forces of nature,
> radiating from the root-essence...follow, one the right, the other the left
> path, separate till the end of the Kalpa, and yet are in close embrace.
> [KARMA unites them]...The atoms emanated from the Central Point emanate in
> their turn new centers of energy, which, under the potential breath of
> Fohat, begin their work from within without, and multiply other minor
> centres. [these]...form in their turn the roots or developing causes of new
> effects, from worlds and "man-bearing" globes, down to the genera, species,
> and classes of all the seven kingdoms (of which we know only four)..." 
> SD I 634 - 635
> "Occultism sees in all these Forces and manifestations a ladder, the lower
> rungs of which belong to exoteric physics, and the higher are traced to a
> living, intelligent, invisible Power, which is, as a rule, the unconcerned,
> and exceptionally, the conscious control of the sense-born phenomenon
> designated as this or another natural law." SD I 293
> "Each of these Forces has a living Conscious Entity at its head, of which
> entity it is and emanation." SD I 293
> "...[Occultism] the absolute necessity of mechanicians of some sort
> behind those Elements [or within]--a dogma with us." SD I 594
> "The light of the ONE MASTER, the one unfading golden light of Spirit,
> shoots its effulgent beams on the Disciple from the very first. Its rays
> thread through the thick, dark clouds of matter..." VOICE 19
> "...the Dhyan-Chohans or Dhyani these correspond mystically to
> the human Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, known as the "Manushi (or human)
> Buddhas," the latter are also designated "Anupadaka" once that their whole
> personality is merged 1n their compound 6th and 7th principles--or
> Atma-Buddhi, and that they have become the "diamond-souled (Vajra-sattvas),
> the full Mahatmas." SD I 52
> "Do not attempt to unveil the secret of being and non-being to those unable
> to see the hidden meaning of Apollo's Heptachord--the lyre of the radiant
> god, in each of the 7 strings of which dwelleth the Spirit, Soul and Astral
> body of the Kosmos, whose shell only has now fallen into the hands of Modern
> Science...(SD I 529, bottom)..."The number 7 being attached to...each of
> those primitive Initiators..." SD I 167
> "There are 7 chief groups of such Dhyan Chohans...the primeval Seven Rays.
> Humanity, occultism teaches, is divided into 7 distinct groups and their
> sub-divisions, mental, spiritual, and physical. (*) Hence the 7 chief
> planets, the spheres of the indwelling 7 spirits, under each of which is
> born one of the human groups which is guided and influenced thereby. There
> are only 7 planets (specially connected with this earth), and 12
> houses...each of which varieties is born under one of the 7 planets and one
> of the said countless planetary combinations. [See Theosophist, Aug.
> 1886]" SD I 573 fn
> "(*) "...the 7 wise ones (rays of wisdom, Dhyanis) fashion 7 paths (or
> lines as also Races in another sense)... they are primarily beams of light
> falling on the paths leading to wisdom...the 7 Rays witch fall free from the
> macrocosmic center, the 7 principles in the metaphysical, the 7 Races in the
> physical sense..." SD II 191
> "Every Buddha meets at his last initiations all the great adepts who reached
> Buddhahood during the preceding ages...every class of adepts has its own
> bond of spiritual communion which knits them together...The only possible
> and effectual way of entering into such by bringing oneself
> within the influence of the Spiritual light which radiates from one's own
> Logos...such communion is only possible between persons whose souls derive
> their life and sustenance from the same divine RAY, and that, as seven
> distinct rays radiate from the 'Central Spiritual Sun,' all adepts and Dhyan
> Chohans are divisible into 7 classes, each of which is guided, controlled,
> and overshadowed by one of the 7 forms or manifestations of the divine
> Wisdom." (Theosophist, Aug., 1886)
> SD I 574 (HPB quotes S. Row.)
> "It is then the "Seven Sons of Light"--called after their planets (by the
> rabble) often identified with them--namely Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury, Mars,
> Venus...the Sun and Moon, which are...our heavenly Parents, or "Father,"
> synthetically...the 4 exoteric planets, and the 3 others...were the heavenly
> bodies in direct astral and psychic communication with the Earth, its
> Guides, and Watchers--morally and physically...their "Regents" or Rectors
> with our Monads and spiritual faculties." SD I 575
> "(xxv)...The 7 Beings in the Sun are the 7 Holy Ones, Self-born from the
> inherent power in the matrix of Mother substance. It is they who send the 7
> Principal forces, called rays, which at the beginning of Pralaya will center
> into 7 new Suns for the next Manvantara. The energy from which they spring
> into conscious existence in every Sun, is what some people call Vishnu (*) ,
> which is the Breath of the ABSOLUTENESS. (*) In the same manner as a man
> approaches a mirror placed upon a stand, beholds in it his own image, so the
> energy or reflection of Vishnu (the Sun) is never disjointed but remains in
> the Sun as in a mirror that is there stationed. -- Vishnu Purana." SD I
> 290
> "The essential faculty possessed by all the cosmic and terrestrial elements,
> of generating within themselves a regular and harmonious series of results,
> a concatenation of causes and effects is an irrefutable proof that they are
> either animated by an extra or intra INTELLIGENCE, or conceal such within or
> behind the manifested veil. ... Newton ... recognized fully the limits
> that separate the action of natural Forces from that of the INTELLIGENCES
> that set the innumerable laws into order and action...To become complete and
> comprehensible, a cosmological theory has to start with a primordial
> Substance diffused throughout boundless Space, of an intellectual and divine
> Nature. That substance must be the Soul and Spirit, the Synthesis and 7th
> Principle of the manifested Kosmos, and to serve as a spiritual Upadhi to
> this, there must be the 6th, its vehicle--primordial physical
> matter...though its nature must for ever escape our limited normal senses."
> SD I 594
> d the Mind --the collective body of Dhyan Chohans, we say--began to work
> upon "..."the Mind"--the collective body of Dhyan Chohans, we say--began to
> work upon and communicated to it motion and order..." SD I 595
> "MULAPRAKRITI": "...The Parabrahmic root, the abstract deific feminine
> principle--undifferentiated substance. Akasa...root of Nature"..." GLOS
> p. 218
> "PARABRAHM": "Beyond Brahma"...The Supreme Infinite Brahma,
> "Absolute"--the attributeless, the secondless reality. The impersonal and
> nameless universal Principle." Glos. p. 248
> "PARAMAPADHA": "...A state which is already a conditioned existence." GLOS
> p. 240
> "PARAMARTHA": "...Absolute existence." Glos. p. 249
> "PARAMATMAN": "...The Supreme Soul of the Universe." GLOS. p. 249
> "PARAMPAD-ATMAVA": "...Beyond the condition of Spirit, "supremer" than
> Spirit, bordering on the Absolute." Glos. p. 249
> "SATTWA": ...A substance not subject to the qualities of matter; a
> luminiferous and (to us) invisible substance, of which the bodies of the
> Gods and highest Dhyanis are formed... a conscious state of spiritual
> Ego-ship rather than any essence." GLOS p. 311
> "Virtue leads only to heaven, wisdom leads to union with the whole. 
> But Wisdom must at last have virtue as companion. 
> Virtue pursued and practiced through many lives will lead at last to wisdom,
> yet wisdom first attained makes the cultivation of virtue easier. 
> The highest development cannot be attained in any single incarnation.
> The teachers say that we must seek the company of those who are pure and
> wise, who lead holy lives, and that we must look for knowledge with
> persistency, humbleness, and faith, and that thus setting our feet upon the
> path the goal will loom in sight after many weary struggles." 
> W.Q.J.-According to the dictionaries the radical meaning of virtue is
> strength. Other meanings are bravery, efficacy, valor, moral goodness, the
> abstaining from vice, or conforming to the moral law. In this last sense the
> word is used. There is nothing synonymous between virtue and wisdom. 
> In the Christian scheme fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. There is the
> mere wisdom of erudition, but properly wisdom means having knowledge or to
> know; or skilled in arts, science, or philosophy, or in magic and
> divination. (2 Samuel XIV.) 
> In homely language, then, to be virtuous is to be good; to be wise is to
> possess knowledge.
> If the kingdom of God is the perfectness of evolution, then knowledge is
> what leads to it sooner than virtue. Of course these terms are used with the
> theosophical scheme of man and nature in view, and in that light it appears
> that in addition to virtue we must have knowledge, for a life of virtue
> leads to pleasures of devachan, with good karma for next life and thus
> through many lives; but knowledge added to virtue shows how to use virtue
> and its results in finding and treading the path leading to the Supreme
> which is ALL." F. Answers 27-8
> "Subtle perception, spiritual knowledge, right judgment, patience, truth,
> self-mastery; pleasure and pain, prosperity and adversity; birth and death,
> danger and security, fear and equanimity, satisfaction, restraint of body
> and mind, alms-giving, inoffensiveness, zeal and glory and ignominy, all
> these the various dispositions of creatures come from me. . 
> I am the origin of all; all things proceed from me; believing me to be thus,
> the wise gifted with spiritual wisdom worship me; their very hearts and
> minds are in me; enlightening one another and constantly speaking of me,
> they are full of enjoyment and satisfaction. To them thus always devoted to
> me, who worship me with love, I give that mental devotion by which they come
> to me. For them do I out of my compassion, standing within their hearts,
> destroy the darkness which springs from ignorance by the brilliant lamp of
> spiritual discernment." Ch. 10, BHAGAVAD GITA, pp. 70-1
> "My devotee who is free from enmity, well-disposed towards all creatures,
> merciful, wholly exempt from pride and selfishness, the same in pain and
> pleasure, patient of wrongs, contented, constantly devout, self-governed,
> firm in resolves, and whose mind and heart are fixed on me alone, is dear
> unto me. He also is my beloved of whom mankind is not afraid and who has no
> fear of man; who is free from joy, from despondency and the dread of harm. 
> My devotee who is unexpecting,* pure, just, impartial, devoid of fear, and
> who hath forsaken interest in the results of action, is dear unto me. He
> also is worthy of my love who neither rejoiceth nor findeth fault, who
> neither lamenteth nor coveteth, and being my servant hath forsaken interest
> in both good and evil results. 
> He also is my beloved servant who is equal-minded to friend or foe, the same
> in honor and dishonor, in cold and heat, in pain and pleasure, and is
> unsolicitous about the event of things; to whom praise and blame are as one;
> who is of little speech, content with whatever cometh to pass, who hath no
> fixed habitation, and whose heart, full of devotion, is firmly fixed. But
> those who seek this sacred ambrosia- the religion of immortality- even as I
> have explained it, full of faith, intent on me above all others, and united
> to devotion, are my most beloved." Ch. 12, BHAGAVAD GITA p. 91-2
> "Fearlessness, sincerity, assiduity in devotion, generosity, self-restraint,
> piety, and alms-givings, study, mortification, and rectitude; harmlessness,
> veracity, and freedom from anger, resignation, equanimity, and not speaking
> of the faults of others, universal compassion, modesty, and mildness;
> patience, power, fortitude, and purity, discretion, dignity,
> unrevengefulness, and freedom from conceit- these are the marks of him whose
> virtues are of a godlike character, O son of Bharata. Those, O son of
> Pritha, who are born with demoniacal dispositions are marked by hypocrisy,
> pride, anger, presumption, harshness of speech, and ignorance. The destiny
> of those whose attributes are godlike is final liberation." 
> Ch. 16, BHAGAVAD GITA p. 110
> "Honoring the gods, the brahmans, the teachers, and the wise, purity,
> rectitude, chastity, and harmlessness are called mortification of the body.
> Gentle speech which causes no anxiety, which is truthful and friendly, and
> diligence in the reading of the Scriptures, are said to be austerities of
> speech. Serenity of mind, mildness of temper, silence, self-restraint,
> absolute straightforwardness of conduct, are called mortification of the
> mind. This threefold mortification or austerity practiced with supreme faith
> and by those who long not for a reward is of the sattva quality. " 
> BHAGAVAD GITA Ch. 17, pp. 117-8
> -------------------------------------------------
> Best wishes,
> Dallas
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> -----Original Message-----
> From: Truth Collins
> Sent: Saturday, July 29, 2006 8:26 AM
> To: 
> Subject: Re: Tantra & Theosophy Virtual Lodge
> Dear Dallas,
> This reply only represents my own opinion.
> It is possible that you mean this as a joke, or that you wish to link
> this weeks speaker to last weeks speaker, but if you read the schedule
> then will see that it is about two feminine symbols mentioned in the
> Book of Revelation. The two speakers are not connected and might not
> even know each other. There is no theme going on. If you were
> speaking this week, would you like to be branded as being connected
> with another speaker, scheduled either before or after you?
> About limitations on topics, Doctors are not ashamed to talk about the
> anatomy, so why should anyone else be? It is the orientation/harmony
> of the higher and lower mind; the need to see the lower mind in light
> of the higher mind, and not the other way around that is important, at
> least in my opinion.
> It would be nice if you would attend as you might add some further
> insight to the discussion.
> namaste, Truth C.
> P.s. I haven't read your example yet but I hope to soon.
> [Friend: I try to avoid "chat" If however we are seeking to verify basics
> and principles, I am sure we are all able to agree on them. I am to ill
> and weak to "attend." ]
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