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Re: Tantra & Theosophy Virtual Lodge

Jul 29, 2006 04:57 PM
by Truth Collins

Thank you.  I agree.

You have given me yet more helpful material to study.  I look forward
to reading the rest of your messagees as soon as I can.  I hope that
others here also read your messages.

I hope your health improves.

best regards, Truth Collins

--- In, "W.Dallas TenBroeck" <dalval14@...>
> 7/29/2006 3:05 PM
> 	 Re: Tantra & Theosophy Virtual Lodge
> 		Lets be true to our Higher Selves. 
> Dear T C  &  Friends:
> I seek to make no connections.  As you may read I present what I find
> THEOSOPHY offers to us all to consider.  I try to avoid offering "my
> opinions."
> The matter is of universal morality and the ethics of compassion. 
No one
> has the right to impose any act of  force against another's free
will.  Do
> they ?
> Using any personal force is an abuse, isn't it ?  It is selfishness and
> pertains to the desires and ambitions of the self-centered
> residing force wholly concerned with "Prakriti" or Matter. 
> that when Prakriti-Kama is PURIFIED (made unselfish) it is restored
to its
> primeval condition:  BUDDHI or wisdom.
> No one "owns" WISDOM.  It is common property, just as the principles of
> mathematics, physics, engineering, logic or chemistry are a common
> commodity.
> This ancient exposition of wisdom is not always popular, as the
> (or KAMA-MANAS - the "desire-mind") implies its discipline and
training, so
> that each researcher, if honest and true,
> will be impartial, impersonal, and universal in his / her views.  Of
> attitude the concept of UNIVERSAL  BROTHERHOOD as a practise  and
> of mind arises.
> [Friend:  I try to avoid "chat."  If however we are seeking to
verify basics
> and principles, I am sure we are all able to agree on them because
they will
> be found to be impersonal and universal.  I am too ill and weak to
> Sorry. ]
> -------------------------------------------------
> "The star under which a human Entity is born, says the Occult
teaching, will
> for ever remain its star, throughout the whole cycle of its
incarnations in
> one manvantara.  But this is not his astrological star.  The latter is
> concerned and connected with the personality, the former with the
> INDIVIDUALITY.  The "Angel" of that Star, or the Dhyani-Buddha will be
> either the guiding or simply the presiding "Angel," so to say, in
every new
> rebirth of the monad, which is part of his own essence. though his
> man, may remain for ever ignorant of this fact.
> The adepts have each their Dhyani-Buddha, their elder "twin Soul,"
and they
> know it, calling it "Father-Soul," and "Father-Fire."  It is only at the
> last and supreme initiation, however, that they learn it when placed
face to
> face with the bright "image."  ( Zanoni...his Augoeides.)... (513 bot.)
> "There are seven chief groups of such Dhyan Chohans...the primeval seven
> RAYS.  Humanity, occultism teaches us, is divided into seven
distinct groups
> and their sub-divisions, mental, spiritual, and physical." 
> 	SD I 572-3	[See the foot-note SD I 573]
> "Matter or Substance is septenary within our World, as it is so
beyond it.
> Moreover, each of its states or principles is graduated into seven
> of density."	SD I 289
> "It is that LIGHT which condenses into the forms of the "Lords of
> Being"--the first and highest of which are, collectively JIVATMA, or
> Pratyagatma (GLOS. p. 261 -- ALAYA)...From these downwards--formed
from the
> ever consolidating waves of that light, which becomes on the
objective plane
> gross matter--proceed the numerous hierarchies of the Creative
Forces, some
> formless, others having their own distinctive form."	SD I  33-4
> "Having sprung into being under the quickening influence of the
> beam, the reflection of the great Central Sun that radiates on the
shores of
> the river of Life, it is the inner principle in them [the Beings of
> Hierarchies] which belong to the waters of immortality, while its
> differentiated clothing is as perishable as man's body." 	SD  I  106
> "The hosts of these Sons of Light and "Mind-born Sons" of the first
> manifested Ray of the UNKNOWN ALL, are the very root of spiritual man."
> SD  I  106
> " absolute consciousness, "Adi-Buddhi;"  and the Buddhist
> knows that there are Planetary Spirits, the "Dhyan Chohans."...If
the Dhyan
> Chohans and all the Invisible Beings--the Seven Centres and their direct
> Emanations, the minor centres of Energy--are the direct reflux of
the ONE
> LIGHT, yet men are far removed from these, since the whole of the
> Kosmos consists of Self-produced beings, the creatures of Karma."...
> teach that only "two things are (objectively) eternal, namely Akasa and
> Nirvana;" and that these are ONE in reality, and but a maya when
divided. "
> SD I  635 -6 
> " the eye of the Seer, the higher Planetary Powers appear under two
> aspects:  the subjective--as influences--, and the objective -- as
> FORMS, which under Karmic law, become a Presence, Spirit and Matter
> One,...  Spirit 1s matter on the seventh plane;  matter is
Spirit--on the
> lowest point of its cyclic activity;  and both--are MAYA."	SD I 633
> "The Planetary Spirits are the informing spirits of the Stars 1n
> and of the Planets especially.  They rule the destinies of men who
are all
> born under one or other of their constellations;  the 2nd. and 3rd.
> pertaining to other systems have the same functions, and all rule
> departments of Nature deities who preside over the 8
points of
> the compass...
> Loka-Palas...The Lipika...are the Spirits of the Universe, whereas the
> Builders are only our own planetary deities.  The former belong to
the most
> occult portion of Cosmogenesis...the Lipika are connected with
> its direct Recorders.  (p. 126): "the Lipika are concerned with
> hereafter."	SD I 128
> "..the true esoteric meaning is that most of them ( the Agnishwatta
> were destined to incarnate as the Egos of the forthcoming crop of
> The human Ego is neither Atman nor Buddhi, but the higher Manas:  the
> intellectual fruition and the efflorescence of the intellectual
> self-conscious Egotism--in the higher spiritual sense.  The ancient
> refer to 1t as Karana Sarira on the plane of the Sutratma, which is the
> golden thread on which, like beads, the various personalities of
this higher
> Ego are strung... these beings were returning Nirvanees, from preceding
> Maha-Manvantaras--ages of incalculable duration..."		SD II 79
> "...from the Sun to the vital heat of the meanest organic being--the
> of Form and Existence is an immense chain, whose links are all
> SD I 604
> "...the chief features of one's life are always in accordance with the
> "Constellation" one is born under, or, we should say, with the
> characteristics of its animating principle or the deity that
presides over
> it, whether we call it a Dhyan Chohan...or an Archangel...In ancient
> symbolism it was always the SUN (though the Spiritual, not the
visible, Sun
> was meant), that was supposed to send forth the chief Saviors and
> Hence the connecting Link between the Buddhas, the Avatars, and so many
> other incarnations of the highest SEVEN.
> The closer the approach to one Prototype, "in Heaven," the better
for the
> mortal whose personality was chosen, by his own personal deity (the 7th
> principle), as its terrestrial abode.  For with every effort of will
> purification and unity with that "Self-god," one of the lower rays
> and the spiritual entity of man is drawn higher and ever higher to
the ray
> that supersedes the first, until from ray to ray, the inner man is drawn
> into the one and highest beam of the Parent SUN."		SD I 638
> "Yes;" our destiny is written in the stars!"  Only the closer the union
> between the mortal reflection MAN and his celestial PROTOTYPE, the less
> dangerous the external conditions and subsequent reincarnations--which
> neither Buddhas nor Christs can escape. "	SD I 639
> " is a free agent during his stay on earth.  He cannot escape his
> ruling destiny, but he has the choice of two paths that lead him in that
> direction, and he can reach the goal of misery--if such is decreed
to him,
> either in the snowy white robes of the Martyr, or in the soiled
garments of
> a volunteer in the iniquitous course;  for, there are external and
> conditions which affect the determination of our will upon our
actions, and
> it is in our power to follow either of the two...this destiny is guided
> either by the heavenly voice of the invisible prototype outside of
us, or by
> our more intimate astral, or inner man, who is but too often the
evil genius
> of the embodied entity called man.  Both these lead on the outward
man, but
> one of them must prevail;  and from the very beginning of the invisible
> affray the stern and implacable law of compensation steps 1n and
takes its
> course, faithfully following the fluctuations...[of] this self-made
> destiny..."          SD I 639
> "It is the spiritual evolution of the inner, invisible man that
forms the
> fundamental tenet in the Occult Sciences...the ONE Universal Life,
> independent of matter...and...the individual intelligences that
animate the
> various manifestations of this Principle...The ONE LIFE is closely
> to the one law which governs the World of Being--KARMA...
> (p. 635)  "The one Cosmic atom becomes seven atoms on the plane of
> and each is transformed into a center of energy;  that same atom becomes
> seven rays on the plane of spirit, and the 7 creative forces of nature,
> radiating from the root-essence...follow, one the right, the other
the left
> path, separate till the end of the Kalpa, and yet are in close embrace.
> [KARMA unites them]...The atoms emanated from the Central Point
emanate in
> their turn new centers of energy, which, under the potential breath of
> Fohat, begin their work from within without, and multiply other minor
> centres. [these]...form in their turn the roots or developing causes
of new
> effects, from worlds and  "man-bearing" globes, down to the genera,
> and classes of all the seven kingdoms (of which we know only four)..."	
> 	SD  I  634 - 635
> "Occultism sees in all these Forces and manifestations a ladder, the
> rungs of which belong to exoteric physics, and the higher are traced
to a
> living, intelligent, invisible Power, which is, as a rule, the
> and exceptionally, the conscious control of the sense-born phenomenon
> designated as this or another natural law."	SD  I 293
> "Each of these Forces has a living Conscious Entity at its head, of
> entity it is and emanation."	SD I 293
> "...[Occultism] the absolute necessity of mechanicians of
some sort
> behind those Elements [or within]--a dogma with us."	SD I 594
> "The light of the ONE MASTER, the one unfading golden light of Spirit,
> shoots its effulgent beams on the Disciple from the very first.  Its
> thread through the thick, dark clouds of matter..."	VOICE 19
> "...the Dhyan-Chohans or Dhyani these correspond
mystically to
> the human Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, known as the "Manushi (or human)
> Buddhas," the latter are also designated "Anupadaka" once that their
> personality is merged 1n their compound 6th and 7th principles--or
> Atma-Buddhi, and that they have become the "diamond-souled
> the full Mahatmas."	SD I 52
> "Do not attempt to unveil the secret of being and non-being to those
> to see the hidden meaning of Apollo's Heptachord--the lyre of the
> god, in each of the 7 strings of which dwelleth the Spirit, Soul and
> body of the Kosmos, whose shell only has now fallen into the hands
of Modern
> Science...(SD  I  529, bottom)..."The number 7 being attached
to...each of
> those primitive Initiators..."	SD I 167
> "There are 7 chief groups of such Dhyan Chohans...the primeval Seven
> Humanity, occultism teaches, is divided into 7 distinct groups and their
> sub-divisions, mental, spiritual, and physical.  (*)  Hence the 7 chief
> planets, the spheres of the indwelling 7 spirits, under each of which is
> born one of the human groups which is guided and influenced thereby.
> are only 7 planets (specially connected with this earth), and 12
> houses...each of which varieties is born under one of the 7 planets
and one
> of the said countless planetary combinations.  	[See Theosophist, Aug.
> 1886]"		SD I 573 fn
> "(*)	"...the 7 wise ones (rays of wisdom, Dhyanis) fashion 7 paths (or
> lines as also Races in another sense)... they are primarily beams of
> falling on the paths leading to wisdom...the 7 Rays witch fall free
from the
> macrocosmic center, the 7 principles in the metaphysical, the 7
Races in the
> physical sense..."	SD II 191
> "Every Buddha meets at his last initiations all the great adepts who
> Buddhahood during the preceding ages...every class of adepts has its own
> bond of spiritual communion which knits them together...The only
> and effectual way of entering into such by bringing
> within the influence of the Spiritual light which radiates from
one's own
> Logos...such communion is only possible between persons whose souls
> their life and sustenance from the same divine RAY, and that, as seven
> distinct rays radiate from the 'Central Spiritual Sun,' all adepts
and Dhyan
> Chohans are divisible into 7 classes, each of which is guided,
> and overshadowed by one of the 7 forms or manifestations of the divine
> Wisdom."   (Theosophist, Aug., 1886)
> 	SD I 574      (HPB quotes S. Row.)
> "It is then the "Seven Sons of Light"--called after their planets
(by the
> rabble) often identified with them--namely Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury,
> Venus...the Sun and Moon, which are...our heavenly Parents, or "Father,"
> synthetically...the 4 exoteric planets, and the 3 others...were the
> bodies in direct astral and psychic communication with the Earth, its
> Guides, and Watchers--morally and physically...their "Regents" or
> with our Monads and spiritual faculties."		SD  I  575
> "(xxv)...The 7 Beings in the Sun are the 7 Holy Ones, Self-born from the
> inherent power in the matrix of Mother substance.  It is they who
send the 7
> Principal forces, called rays, which at the beginning of Pralaya
will center
> into 7 new Suns for the next Manvantara.  The energy from which they
> into conscious existence in every Sun, is what some people call
Vishnu (*) ,
> which is the Breath of the ABSOLUTENESS.   (*)   In the same manner
as a man
> approaches a mirror placed upon a stand, beholds in it his own
image, so the
> energy or reflection of Vishnu (the Sun) is never disjointed but
remains in
> the Sun as in a mirror that is there stationed. --  Vishnu Purana."	SD I
> 290
> "The essential faculty possessed by all the cosmic and terrestrial
> of generating within themselves a regular and harmonious series of
> a concatenation of causes and effects is an irrefutable proof that
they are
> either animated by an extra or intra INTELLIGENCE, or conceal such
within or
> behind the manifested veil.  ... Newton ...  recognized fully the limits
> that separate the action of natural Forces from that of the
> that set the innumerable laws into order and action...To become
complete and
> comprehensible, a cosmological theory has to start with a primordial
> Substance diffused throughout boundless Space, of an intellectual
and divine
> Nature.  That substance must be the Soul and Spirit, the Synthesis
and 7th
> Principle of the manifested Kosmos, and to serve as a spiritual
Upadhi to
> this, there must be the 6th, its vehicle--primordial physical
> matter...though its nature must for ever escape our limited normal
> SD I 594
> d the Mind --the collective body of Dhyan Chohans, we say--began to work
> upon "..."the Mind"--the collective body of Dhyan Chohans, we
say--began to
> work upon and communicated to it motion and order..."	SD I 595
> "MULAPRAKRITI": "...The Parabrahmic root, the abstract deific feminine
> principle--undifferentiated substance.  Akasa...root of
Nature"..." 	GLOS
> p. 218
> "PARABRAHM":    "Beyond Brahma"...The Supreme Infinite Brahma,
> "Absolute"--the attributeless, the secondless reality.  The
impersonal and
> nameless universal Principle."	Glos. p. 248
> "PARAMAPADHA":  "...A state which is already a conditioned
existence."	GLOS
> p. 240
> "PARAMARTHA":  "...Absolute existence."  	Glos. p. 249
> "PARAMATMAN":  "...The Supreme Soul of the Universe."  GLOS. p. 249
> "PARAMPAD-ATMAVA": "...Beyond the condition of Spirit, "supremer" than
> Spirit, bordering on the Absolute."	Glos. p. 249
> "SATTWA":  ...A substance not subject to the qualities of matter;  a
> luminiferous and (to us) invisible substance, of which the bodies of the
> Gods and highest Dhyanis are formed... a conscious state of spiritual
> Ego-ship rather than any essence."		GLOS p. 311
> "Virtue leads only to heaven, wisdom leads to union with the whole. 
> But Wisdom must at last have virtue as companion. 
> Virtue pursued and practiced through many lives will lead at last to
> yet wisdom first attained makes the cultivation of virtue easier. 
> The highest development cannot be attained in any single incarnation.
> The teachers say that we must seek the company of those who are pure and
> wise, who lead holy lives, and that we must look for knowledge with
> persistency, humbleness, and faith, and that thus setting our feet
upon the
> path the goal will loom in sight after many weary struggles." 
>    	FORUM ANSWERS  p. 23
> W.Q.J.-According to the dictionaries the radical meaning of virtue is
> strength. Other meanings are bravery, efficacy, valor, moral
goodness, the
> abstaining from vice, or conforming to the moral law. In this last
sense the
> word is used. There is nothing synonymous between virtue and wisdom. 
> In the Christian scheme fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.
There is the
> mere wisdom of erudition, but properly wisdom means having knowledge
or to
> know; or skilled in arts, science, or philosophy, or in magic and
> divination. (2 Samuel XIV.) 
> In homely language, then, to be virtuous is to be good; to be wise is to
> possess knowledge.
> If the kingdom of God is the perfectness of evolution, then knowledge is
> what leads to it sooner than virtue. Of course these terms are used
with the
> theosophical scheme of man and nature in view, and in that light it
> that in addition to virtue we must have knowledge, for a life of virtue
> leads to pleasures of devachan, with good karma for next life and thus
> through many lives; but knowledge added to virtue shows how to use
> and its results in finding and treading the path leading to the Supreme
> which is ALL."		F. Answers  27-8
> "Subtle perception, spiritual knowledge, right judgment, patience,
> self-mastery; pleasure and pain, prosperity and adversity; birth and
> danger and security, fear and equanimity, satisfaction, restraint of
> and mind, alms-giving, inoffensiveness, zeal and glory and ignominy, all
> these the various dispositions of creatures come from me. . 
> I am the origin of all; all things proceed from me; believing me to
be thus,
> the wise gifted with spiritual wisdom worship me; their very hearts and
> minds are in me; enlightening one another and constantly speaking of me,
> they are full of enjoyment and satisfaction. To them thus always
devoted to
> me, who worship me with love, I give that mental devotion by which
they come
> to me. For them do I out of my compassion, standing within their hearts,
> destroy the darkness which springs from ignorance by the brilliant
lamp of
> spiritual discernment."     Ch. 10,  BHAGAVAD  GITA,   pp.  70-1
> "My devotee who is free from enmity, well-disposed towards all
> merciful, wholly exempt from pride and selfishness, the same in pain and
> pleasure, patient of wrongs, contented, constantly devout,
> firm in resolves, and whose mind and heart are fixed on me alone, is
> unto me. He also is my beloved of whom mankind is not afraid and who
has no
> fear of man; who is free from joy, from despondency and the dread of
> My devotee who is unexpecting,* pure, just, impartial, devoid of
fear, and
> who hath forsaken interest in the results of action, is dear unto me. He
> also is worthy of my love who neither rejoiceth nor findeth fault, who
> neither lamenteth nor coveteth, and being my servant hath forsaken
> in both good and evil results. 
> He also is my beloved servant who is equal-minded to friend or foe,
the same
> in honor and dishonor, in cold and heat, in pain and pleasure, and is
> unsolicitous about the event of things; to whom praise and blame are
as one;
> who is of little speech, content with whatever cometh to pass, who
hath no
> fixed habitation, and whose heart, full of devotion, is firmly
fixed. But
> those who seek this sacred ambrosia» the religion of immortality»
even as I
> have explained it, full of faith, intent on me above all others, and
> to devotion, are my most beloved."	 Ch. 12,   BHAGAVAD GITA   p.  91-2
> "Fearlessness, sincerity, assiduity in devotion, generosity,
> piety, and alms-givings, study, mortification, and rectitude;
> veracity, and freedom from anger, resignation, equanimity, and not
> of the faults of others, universal compassion, modesty, and mildness;
> patience, power, fortitude, and purity, discretion, dignity,
> unrevengefulness, and freedom from conceit» these are the marks of
him whose
> virtues are of a godlike character, O son of Bharata. Those, O son of
> Pritha, who are born with demoniacal dispositions are marked by
> pride, anger, presumption, harshness of speech, and ignorance. The
> of those whose attributes are godlike is final liberation."   
> 	 Ch. 16,   BHAGAVAD GITA   p.  110
> "Honoring the gods, the brahmans, the teachers, and the wise, purity,
> rectitude, chastity, and harmlessness are called mortification of
the body.
> Gentle speech which causes no anxiety, which is truthful and
friendly, and
> diligence in the reading of the Scriptures, are said to be
austerities of
> speech. Serenity of mind, mildness of temper, silence, self-restraint,
> absolute straightforwardness of conduct, are called mortification of the
> mind. This threefold mortification or austerity practiced with
supreme faith
> and by those who long not for a reward is of the sattva quality. " 
>  	BHAGAVAD GITA   	Ch. 17,   pp. 117-8
> -------------------------------------------------
> Best wishes,
> 			Dallas
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> -----Original Message-----
> From: Truth Collins
> Sent: Saturday, July 29, 2006 8:26 AM
> To: 
> Subject: Re: Tantra & Theosophy Virtual Lodge
> Dear Dallas,
> This reply only represents my own opinion.
> It is possible that you mean this as a joke, or that you wish to link
> this weeks speaker to last weeks speaker, but if you read the schedule
> then will see that it is about two feminine symbols mentioned in the
> Book of Revelation. The two speakers are not connected and might not
> even know each other. There is no theme going on. If you were
> speaking this week, would you like to be branded as being connected
> with another speaker, scheduled either before or after you?
> About limitations on topics, Doctors are not ashamed to talk about the
> anatomy, so why should anyone else be? It is the orientation/harmony
> of the higher and lower mind; the need to see the lower mind in light
> of the higher mind, and not the other way around that is important, at
> least in my opinion.
> It would be nice if you would attend as you might add some further
> insight to the discussion.
> namaste, Truth C.
> P.s. I haven't read your example yet but I hope to soon.
> [Friend:  I try to avoid "chat"  If however we are seeking to verify
> and principles, I am sure we are all able to agree  on them.  I am
to ill
> and weak to "attend." ]
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