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Silent Editing Biographical Material

Jul 29, 2006 03:53 PM
by Mark Jaqua

Silent Editing Biographical Material
      Silent editing of biographical material, 
like DC does in Occult World, may not be as 
Bad as editing Blavatsky's writings, but 
it is still unethical and ill-advised 
for a number of reasons.
      -  You can't quote from the book, 
for one thing, or later writers can't, 
because you don't know what has been deleted.
       -  Nobody, or almost nobody Even Has! 
most the source materials one can go to 
for the full quote.  What about 50 or a 
100 years from now, maybe almost none will 
be available.  Few writers would depend on 
internet sources instead of source books.  
People, can't, by an large, get the full quotes.
        - In these editorial deletions, one 
is asked "to trust the editor" that nothing 
important is deleted or causing one to be 
mislead. You can't "trust the editor" on 
this type of thing.
        - the ONLY reason for not including 
a few dots (....) to indicate editing is 
that it makes a tighter package, or a cleaner 
copy.  If a reader can't put up with a few 
dots here and there, he isn't worth 
appealing to regardless.
           - jake j.

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