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Open questions to HPB article "Lucifer to the Archbishop of Canterbury - Greetings"

Jul 29, 2006 12:07 PM
by Frank Reitemeyer

I am working at present on a new and accurate translation of this open letter.
There exists only a 1906 German edition of it and this is a poor one, with sentences missing and wrong terms.
Since then no public re-reprint was made - except a 1991 re-reprint of the 1906 edition of one TS, but which had practically no public spread.

There are some open questions to the open letter and I want to share them with you.
Perhaps is there anyone out there, who can answer them:

1. What about the authorship Boris de Zirkoff mentions?
Had HPB the assistence of Richard Harte and/or Mabel Collins?
And why does BdeZ believe that Harte assisted 

2. The translator of the 1906 German edition, Paul Raatz, for a short time Katherine Tinlgey's agent in Berlin, and, after his split away from KT, editor of his monthly "Theosophisches Leben" (Theosophic Life) from 1897-1923, states in a foot note, that the Archbishop, after he had received HPB's open letter, attended the Blavatsky Lodge and also partook the discussions there. 
What is the source of Mr. Raatz claim?

3. Ransom, p. 240, states that 15,000 copies were reprinted. 
Of what? Of the complete Dec. 1887 Lucifer issue or was is reprinted as a pamphlet?

Thank you.


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