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Was Bob Dylan a Bodhisattva?

Jul 29, 2006 08:49 AM
by Mark Jaqua

Was Bob Dylan a Bodhisattva?
   No, he wasn't, but if anyone can 
catch the film by Martin Scorsace (sp?) 
on Bob Dylan, "No Direction Home", I 
recommend it.  Scorsace also did the 
excellent film "Kundun" on the Dali Lama.
       Dylan is probably before most people's 
time, but I thought the film gave a good 
depiction of someone who was following up 
an inner value - music & poetry - to the 
cost of all else.  It seemed like he 
cared about nothing else in his early 
years but his music - which is really 
following the dictates of the inner self, 
a spiritual value.  Its a formulae of 
inner obsession that is the same in 
spirituality, the Zen "one-pointedness."  
Of course, it is usually something that 
lasts only for a time, and then the 
corruptions and attractions of the 
outer world step in and ruin it all.  
Ever notice how many music groups or 
authors come up with one or two 
outstanding works, and then don't 
produce much of anything comparable 
the rest of their lives.
          - jake j.

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