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RE: Theos-World Carlos on "Changing originals in an unconfessed way..."

Jul 28, 2006 05:01 PM
by W.Dallas TenBroeck

Friday, July 28, 2006

Dallas writes from his files:

In regard to the VOICE OF THE SILENCE, I have reviewed what was written in
the past.

Here is what I have found, and Mr. Caldwell has it all for some time.


Dallas wrote:  [ 2004 ]

	Subject: RE: HISTORY of early text printings of The VOICE OF THE
SILENCE editions 

I think you will see from my earlier post that I woke up to this 1892-
LONDON edition.  This was printed after HPB died May 8th 1891. 

My earlier letter of May 19th 2003 to Jerome has since been modified (too
much writing).  But I am concerned about textual exactitude. We can at least
get the "Eye Doctrine" straight. 

Yes it  (1892 edition) was produced after H. P. Blavatsky's death. [I have a
copy for the past 45 years of this, as also of the 1889 original edition --
given by me to the Los Angeles Lodge library.] 

I have it (1892--London) before me.  With Judge's editorial penciled marks.

Also I have the New York 1893 edition he had printed there with those
changes introduced into it. 

So the chain is complete.  I had written:  {and I am adding to that now }



2.         we ought to have one finally and carefully proof-read copy
(electronic) of the ORIGINAL of 1889.  [ I have on my computer a copy of
this right now (May 19 2003), from Phoenix. ]  I will proof-read the
electronic copy made up by Phoenix U.  L  T.	[

3.         I will use the table I prepared (just below, and modified, now
brought up to date) as a basis and amend it as I go along.

4.	Since then I prepared an exhaustive INDEX to the Voice so that some
of such expressions as might embody the "Heart Doctrine" can be verified by

	This INDEX has been attached to the PHOENIX U  L  T  list of
Theosophical texts "on line"


  		INDEX to The VOICE OF THE SILENCE  	 [1924 U  L  T ]

			     By  H. P. Blavatsky
			          Dedicated to
			          "The Few"

		"It is the Spiritual evolution of the inner, immortal man, 
		that forms the fundamental tenet of the Occult Sciences. 
	 					S D  I  630

This Index is based on the U L T 1924 edition and pagination.

If errors, or omissions are found, or if improvements can be
suggested,  please advise me [Dallas]


1889	1st Edition of The VOICE OF THE SILENCE (London) 
1890	 reprint  (London)  [ HPB presumably saw and authorized corrections
1892	 reprint in larger size  (London) 
1893     American reprint ( Judge edited, footnotes added )
1899	 reprint
1924	 U L T reprinted American Edn of 1893


	COPY & MODIFICATIONS as of now, 5.00 pm, May 19th 2003.

From:   May 18 2003  [DTB to Jerome  -- "The Blind"]

As I see it:  we have a history of early editions for the VOICE OF THE

1          1889 ORIGINAL EDITION under H P B's proof reading (?) [ I have a
copy = I will proof read this with the electronic version from Phoenix U L

[I gave my copy to the Lodge library several years ago and have since seen
it there on the shelf.]   

I have, since writing the above, accessed the latest Phoenix electronic
version.  I see it was  taken from # 85 of the EDMONTON T S facsimile
edition produced, I think, about 2001.  It is COPYRIGHT, and we can use it
only if they permit it.  I wrote on this to Phoenix, and await their answer.

2          1890 2nd EDITION (with re-set type) --  H P B presumably saw this
or OK ed it. (?) I had noted that some "corrections or changes were made
compared to the 1889 1st edition." [ I have a copy of this.]

3.         1892 EDITION - LONDON  (I have a copy)  "UPADHYAYA" change (per
1890) is in there 
p. 30 [compared to UPADAY (1889) -- which is incorrect]

4          Re:   1892  LONDON EDITION  ( Jerome says was tampered with by
Mead and Besant )       {D T B      Can I see a copy ? }


New     [Reply from Jerome 

             May 18 2003:

            Dear Dallas,

It is not a matter of assumptions when we have the original copy that Mr
Judge marked up when he was preparing his reprint for 1893.  The book is in
the office, along with J G's note on the front inside cover.  How we got it
is a mystery!!  I will be glad to help you find it or even get it for you
next time you are at the lodge.

best regards,

Jerome                         [Secured, thanks, Dal]


New    Dal notes May 19th 2003

            John Garrigues wrote:  

"This is the copy of the Second Edition as printed from the English plates
and as corrected by  Mr.  Judge for the smaller format of the American and
English editions from reset type in 1893.  --J G."

He does not say that Mr. Mead and /or Mrs. Annie Besant revised or changed

On examination, Mr. Judge made a number of changes to this 1893 edition. 

I am not going to enumerate them here.          [ DTB ]


5          1892 - LONDON          Mr. Judge's notes in this copy issued in
London (1892) and used for the New York edition issued in 1893  ( seen, but
now we need to review and compare, I suggest proof reading the U L T 1927
edition (reprints thereof) currently being sold, against the 1889 edition
and noting the "changes."  We will not be able to say who made them all, nor
what their reasons may have been.  We can only note them, and suggest that
those who want, can go to Web-Sites where the original can be read.)  


Dal's view:

Personally, in view of my study of Judge's writings, and also, because of H
P B's repeated affidavits concerning Judge's standing, trust his "changes
and corrections."  

It is true that there are letters in which she takes him to task, but if one
reads the whole sequence of correspondence, one finds that the cause for
this was a misunderstanding, and when explained to her, the censure was
removed by her.

Now this is no doubt my "faith" in Mr. Judges' acumen and integrity -- can
it be called the beginning of a kind of Theosophical dogmatism?  I think the
problem will only be resolved if one can seize the bit of the esoteric
"Heart Doctrine" peeping up through chinks in the exoteric rind of words.  

The MEANING for the verses in the VOICE  is what is important. This is to
explore the "Heart Doctrine." 

 Since we now have easy access through Internet to accurate copies of the
"originals" as well as the "reprints," any one can play at proof reading,
and view and compare these, and, arrive at their own conclusions.  There is
no further ground for argument on the basis of the "Eye Doctrine.".

If I have expressed myself in earlier letters, with strong affirmations, it
can be seen that I did so in good faith and on the basis of the knowledge I
had at the time of writing.  This is easily show by putting the full
correspondence in chronological order.  And if necessary I can do this.

Dal.  [ February 8, 2006 ]

(with his notes on a 1892 London edition showing changes to be made in
printing the New York edition)  -  a copy of this (New York 1893) edition is
also in my hands, it is autographed by Mrs. Judge) --  (re-set type)

7          1927 T. CO. REPRINT OF THE 1893 JUDGE NEW YORK EDITION  (re-set

Any changes in text are to be determined by comparison with the ORIGINAL of

It would be too laborious to go from edition to edition tracing changes
made.  But if necessary, this can also be done.  It is a matter of honor.
(See below on the "oblong squares.")

8          1931  BOMBAY U L T REPRINT of the Theosophy Company 1927 edition
of the New York Judge 1893 edition (re-set type) -- at the time this was
done, I was told it had  also been checked with the Original 1889 edition
for accuracy of text and footnotes.  

Subsequent reprints in India in re-set type were proofed to this.  I did
some of them at the Sadhana Press, Baroda and the W. Q. Judge Press in
Bangalore, both of which I managed.

9          THE "PEKING EDITION"  (1928 ?)   Alice Cleather edited and
reprinted -- with an errata sheet (printed separately) as compared to the
original 1889 Edition.

(1930/40s ?)  (seems a copy of 1889 edition - I did not proof-read it, only
glanced at it.)

11        2001  EDMONTON T S           produced 100 copies of the original
1889 edition in  a numbered, and copyrighted, edition.  They have tried to
make it as close to an exact reproduction as is possible 102 years later.  [
I see Phoenix used # 85 to scan and put this on their Web-Site.  Do they
have permission from Edmonton? I don't know. ]

12.       Others ?  [  By T S and Pasadena T S  and others  Philippines ? ]



DTB writes  

1889 Original edition description reads: "The original Precepts are engraved
on thin oblong squares copies very often on discs."

1890 London edition reads identically to the original 1889 edition.

1892 London edition the description on p. ii, 5th line reads:  "he original
Precepts are engraved on thin oblongs; copies very often on discs."

1893 New York Edition copies the London 1892 edition.

Dallas   checked on May 19th 2003 with the original books  


	Best wishes, and thanks,



-----Original Message-----
From: peter.m 
Sent: Monday, May 19, 2003 6:54 AM
Subject: FW: HISTORY of early VOICE editions 


Dear Dallas,

You keep missing that there was an 1892 edition published in London *after*
HPB's death... and *before* Judge's edition!

It is this edition, which has all the alterations, the alteration to 'thin
oblong squares' etc,  and which we believe Judge used for his own 1893
edition.   If I have understood what Jerome wrote to you, he confirmed that
in your Lodge the edition with all Judge's written notes is, in fact, the
1892 edition.   Perhaps Jerome could clarify one further time?



1889 Original edition description reads: "The original Precepts are engraved
on thin oblong squares copies very often on discs."

1890 London edition reads identically to the original 1889 edition.

1892 London edition the description on p. ii, 5th line reads:  ""The
original Precepts are engraved on thin oblongs; copies very often on discs."

1893 New York Edition copies the London 1892 edition.



Read this mass of correspondence and decide 



-----Original Message-----
From: [] On
Behalf Of danielhcaldwell
Sent: Friday, July 28, 2006 12:31 PM
Subject: Theos-World    Carlos on "Changing originals in an unconfessed


You wrote:

"Changing originals in an UNCONFESSED way, as proposed by USA 
theosophists, was questioned by Radha Burnier, N. Sri Ram and 
several others." caps added.

So would you agree that the Theosophy Company changed
the original of THE VOICE in an UNCONFESSED way?

See just some of the examples of said changes in an UNCONFESSED way 

And do you yourself question such a practice?? Or do you approve of 

Just trying to see how consistent you are in your thinking
in this matter.




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