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David Reigle and Isis Unveiled

Jul 27, 2006 10:12 PM
by Cass Silva

While researching the origins of the Stanzas of Dyzan, I came across David Reigle's website and found some very interesting reading here.  Specifically the link to Isis.
Eastern Tradition Research Institute  Our starting point is the conviction that the once universal but now hidden Wisdom Tradition exists. Our purpose is to trace this lost tradition in its extant sources, primarily the scriptures of the East. This is intended to establish the fact of its existence, and to ascertain more fully and accurately its teachings.
  In order to achieve this, we have assembled an extensive archive of primary sources in their original languages. These are the scriptures of ancient India, namely, the Sanskrit, Prakrit, Pali, and Tibetan texts of the Hindu, Jaina, and Buddhist traditions. To facilitate research, we have prepared bibliographic listings of some of these texts, and these listings will be posted on this website.
  It is our specific aim to trace the secret "Book of Dzyan" and "Book of the Golden Precepts", the basis of H. P. Blavatsky's books, The Secret Doctrine and The Voice of the Silence. Through these published books Blavatsky made known the existence of the once universal but now hidden Wisdom Tradition. Either these secret books are real, and can therefore eventually be found, or, along with the Wisdom Tradition itself, are merely figments of Blavatsky's imagination.
  Downloads (PDF):
   Why Take Blavatsky     Seriously?
   The     Secret Doctrine: Original Genesis and the Wisdom Tradition
   The     Voice of the Silence: Bringing the Heart Doctrine to the West
   Foundations of the Wisdom Tradition:     
      1. The Occult World Letter
      2. Mahatma Letter Two
      3. The Maha-Chohan's Letter
      4. Mahatma Letter Ten
      5. Mahatma Letter Twenty-two
      6. What Is Matter and What Is Force?         (excerpts)
      7. Doctrines of the Nepalese         Svabhavikas (excerpts)
      A         Compilation on the First Fundamental Proposition of the Secret         Doctrine: The One Reality
   Studies in the Wisdom Tradition, by David Reigle:     
      1. Theosophy and       Buddhism
      2. Samkhya and the         Wisdom-Religion
      3.         The First Fundamental Proposition of the Secret Doctrine
      4. The Original       Sankaracarya
      5. God's Arrival in India
   Book of Dzyan Research Reports, by David Reigle:     
      1.         Technical Terms in Stanza I
      2.         Theosophy in Tibet: The Teachings of the Jonangpa School
      3.         Technical Terms in Stanza II
      4.         The Doctrine of Svabhava or Svabhavata and the Questions of Anatman         and Sunyata
   Articles on Various Topics, by David Reigle:     
      The Centennial Cycle
      A Curriculum in         the Wisdom Tradition
      D.K. and Kalachakra
      Invoking the Solar Angel: Vajrasattva Meditation          in the Ageless Wisdom Tradition
      Isis Unveiled: A         Perspective
      The Lost Kalacakra Mula Tantra on the Kings of Sambhala
      Meditation: What Is It?
      On the Alleged Tibetan         Source of Alice Bailey's Writings
      On the Future Schools of Meditation

   Relevant Materials by Various Authors:   
      The Age of Sankara, by T. S. Narayana Sastry, 1971 (reprint of 1916 original, where the name was spelled: Narayana Sastri)
      Paradox and Poetry in "The Voice of the Silence," by Bhikshu Sangharakshita, 1958 (18 pages, 592 KB)
      Purana Samhita, by S. P. L. Narasimhaswami, 1945 (18 pages, 608 KB)
      Original Purana Samhita, by V. S. Agrawala, 1966 (14 pages, 360 KB)
      The Samkhya-karika, with the Commentary of Gaudapda, edited in Sanskrit and translated into English by Har Dutt Sharma, 1933
      Brhat-Sankara-Vijaya of Citsukhacarya and Pracina-Sankara-Vijaya of Anandagiri a/s Ananda-jnana, by W. R. Antarkar, 1960 (9 pages, 376 KB)
      Sankara-Vijaya of Anantanandagiri, by W. R. Antarkar, 1961 (8 pages, 312 KB)
      Sanksepa Sankara Jaya of Madhavacarya or Sankara Digvijaya of Sri Vidyaranyamuni, by W. R. Antarkar, 1972 (23 pages, 636 KB)
      The Sleeping Spheres [re: Devachan], by Jasper Niemand, 1893-1899 (22 pages, 1.1 MB)
      The Vedas and Adhyatma Tradition, by Vasudeva S. Agrawala, 1939 (8 pages, 288 KB)

   Bibliographic Listings:     
      1. Sankaracarya's         Collected Works: An Annotated Bibliography of Published Sanskrit         Editions, 14 pages
      2. Works of the Original         Sankaracarya, 38 pages
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