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Fwd: Reach enlightenment while riding on a bus

Jul 27, 2006 09:46 PM
by Leslie J. McClinton

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In my book, which uses dreams to uncover much of the past that was
difficult to find in waking consciousness, one of the main archetypes
was riding on a bus.

Riding on a bus was always personified as death. By that I mean the
person took a ride back through their past life and saw who or what 
were doing in that past. It also represented reliving one's death. Of
course the Egyptians use the boat to represent the journey to the
afterworld, and they got it right. Only the boat has become a bus!

In fact the publicists who put the press releases together used 
in the title because they are so prominent in the book. I have 
my own for the past 35 years and use other people's dreams in 
that reveal clearly their past life and in most cases relived in 
full detail their past deaths. It is astonishing even to me as the
author when these  things came out and I found its true 


The best


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