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Fwd: FDR was a mason and one of the Theosophical Masters

Jul 27, 2006 09:10 PM
by Leslie J. McClinton

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in his life just before he became FDR. This was discovered thanks to 
Paul Johnson's work: The Masters Revealed. I unseal and reveal more 
than he or anyone else ever knew. Read about it "Dinner With Da 
Vinci." (Request a review copy if you have a group or would like to 
write a review. Go to Web site for info.)

I can tell you that I found my path and guru because a group of 
masons were associated with RSSB in Chicago, IL, USA. I know of my 
own past deep masonic connections when I appeared as HPB. I talk a 
bit about president FDR and his past life (just before FDR) as one 
of the Theosophical masters!

And guess what--not only was he a high mason but he was also of 
middle eastern descent. So even if FDR was not a mason he had that 
karma on him. Many Satsangis were or are masons as I was.

So, if you find yourself attracted to masonic groups it is only 
because there is probably someone in the group that you have karma 
with and need to work out that give and take with. Go for it.


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