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Re: The "god box"

Jul 27, 2006 04:43 PM
by W.Dallas TenBroeck

7/27/2006 3:54 PM

Dear Friend:

	I think you ask:  WHAT IS THEOSOPHY ?  

As I see it: --

THEOSOPHY is a historical record of the oldest, and in terms of today, a
comprehensive view of, conditions in all departments of Nature, present and
past – thus, it is a record of eternal continuity.  

It describes the past in terms of actual history – and it maintains actual
records of that history.  It states that the “present” always emerges from
past choices, and that these ‘choices’ are not only individual, but have a
cooperative impact, and will always continue to do so.  

It shows the existence of the present Laws that operate in human relations
(as virtue, generosity, morals, vice and selfishness), and in the Universe,
as the life and civilization-supporting laws of mathematics, astronomy,
chemistry, physics, biology, hydraulics, thermodynamics, atomics,
electricity and magnetism, engineering, healing, etc.	

This vast evolutionary urge – an inevitable and basic component of all
existence -- is called in Theosophy: “Nature’s Ways.”  In considering this,
it posits that “Space” (sometimes called “the Void”) is actually a many
layered intangible, but very real surrounding substantial element, and, on
examination we find everything else is included in it.

>From as much as we can understand and know of this, we find that Nature (a
term representing the “Universe”) shows an impersonal uniformity that can
best be described as its manifestation in the “laws of being and of all
life.”  Further, they are seen to exhibit a sensitivity to all impressions
and causes, cooperation in all departments, and a surprising attention to
all those minute details that show care and support for all of its milliards
of components.  The Universe is as alive as our own bodies are.

Theosophy states that each of these entities “life-atoms” is alive, and each
is at core, a deathless “Monad” (a child of its Universe).  It is held,
then, that each of these "immortal entities" – is a Force of individual
power, with the right to work and live where nature, laws (Karma) have
placed it. 

Humans are each a “mind-monad.”  Each has reached the stage of being
independent, and has acquired the ability to choose his own “path.” As a
“Mind-Power,” he is presently learning to understand and control his mind,
and to distinguish his emotions and passions, desires and feelings from the
Power to Think.

Each human is held to have all the potentials of the whole Cosmos, and as
such, has individual responsibility.  This is a highly cherished secret.
For this reason, the “power to choose” is considered to be basic and most
important in the advancement of human intelligence (that is the mind power
of defining all moral choice and self-motivation.  It is said that here, the
paths and “goals” diverge:  these are: generosity and selfishness). 

In mankind this individualized power makes for individual intelligence.
Theosophy traces its origins -- whether it began, or presently is, an
“atom,” an Earth, or a human being, -- all are seen by Theosophy, as one of
these many-sized ever-evolving entities – with a self- evolved, ruling and
independent intelligence of its own.  As such it has a right to live and
work, and each is given by Nature under her immutable laws, a position in
which it can perform its own work, and learn to intelligently cooperate with
its neighbours.  

To better guide this enormous enterprise, each independent intelligent
entity (Monad) is known to live and co-exist under definite laws of
behaviour and inter-relationship. These laws, called in Sanskrit “Karma,”
have always existed and are immutable.   

A brief expression of this is:  “Do unto others as you would have them do
unto you.” – the ”Golden Rule” -- which is found basic in all religions and
philosophies.  Simply put, it is a recognition of the universal facts of :
cooperation, neighbourliness, and “Universal Brotherhood.”  It also speaks
to the enormous responsibility under Law of all entities who attain to the
final goal of  “Wisdom.” 

Theosophy offers for consideration a reasonable philosophical goal for the
end of any one course of its many great evolutionary programs. This has been
called : “Wisdomism,” or “Sublime Perfection.”  

As a whole, all beings, humans or not, the Earths, Worlds, Systems of
Worlds, Galaxies, etc… -- are filled with ever-living monadic entities that
cooperatively work towards this elevated and ideal end. In this Theosophy
most emphatically states that brotherhood and cooperation are the sole
methods to be employed for final success. 

This enormous learning process calls for many embodiments in successive
vehicles of flesh and matter. Reincarnation is a universal fact, and this
banishes the fear of “death” from the minds of those who understand that
rebirth brings us all together, again and again.

This goal is a common one.  It draws all friends and relatives back into a
unity, where they continue to work and assist each other in the path of
ideal perfection and making possible, in the here and now, the progress they
are jointly mastering.

Theosophy, as a present, is an example of the living progress of history.
It welcomes all contributions to its ever-growing record.  It always adds
such evidence, and it uses a process of review and questioning as a basis
for self-criticism, and, as fuel for present cooperative thought and

It seeks to use the wisdom of the past and bring it into current context so
that passing “modernity” is always under consideration.

It welcomes all considerations and ideas, and provides a forum for
reflecting on the evidence provided. In doing this it reviews all
information presently amassed, and it seeks to provide accuracy in response
to all.

To  me “belief systems” imply a degree of ignorance:  NO ONE KNOWS.  Yet
some who claim interpretative ability arise who pose as “knowers” or
“guides.”  What their motives truly are, they alone know.

Unless they act and speak on the basis of undiluted honesty and truth, their
propositions come ultimately to grief.  The BHAGAVAD GITA is a text in which
this is emphasized.  It is worth careful study.  Krishna speaks as an
incarnate WISE ONE – an “Avatar.”   Interiorly, we all have in the Monad
such an Avatar in residence. Will the physical self let it “shine forth”  

The Book PATANJALI'S YOGA-SUTRAS  is a work-book giving a practical set of
guide rules for the study, interiorly, of (1) our own minds (they are twins:
the Spiritual BUDDHI-MANAS, and the Personal selfish Kama-Manas -- the
psychic desire-mind).  To this add the (2) psychological character, and (3)
those innate potentials we all share.  

For this we need to know our own nature: as mirrors ("atomic lives and
intelligence") of the Universe.  [see S D  I  596]. We are immortals and
were "born" along with every other Monad -- taken as a vast host this is the
whole immeasurable and ageless WHOLE. 

We can never "die" as spiritual ATMA-BUDDHI Monads.  We are always learning
in each incarnation.  We are always extending our help in benevolence and
compassion to others who need it.  Withholding such assistance and attention
is the greatest of "sins" we may commit, knowingly or unknowingly.  The Law
of Karma -- and it is universal -- implies living actively and consciously
as a "brother" to all "life-atoms" [Monads, Atma-Buddhi] as come to us.

“Teachers” ought to indicate those lines of search interior to us that lead
to the core of our being, to the Wise One who resides therein – the
BUDDHI-MANAS. Them incarnated brain-mind and its intelligence are
indications of the clarity of the transmissions from the Divine to the
mundane, from the “Heart” to the “Eye” doctrine.  The VOICE OF THE SILENCE
is an excellent text to use to discover this for themselves.

	(see also notes below)

Best wishes,



-----Original Message-----
From: Gordon 
Sent: Wednesday, July 26, 2006 9:07 AM
Subject: Re: The "god box"

Steve, Donna, Janet and others,

Thank you for discussing. I do appreciate the openness, diversity and
honesty expressed here. Sometimes I feel like I’m stepping on toes and I
certainly do not mean to. 

In my journey I have adopted the idea of “challenging my motives and putting
my beliefs on trial”. It has been a great awakening for me. One thing in
particular was the question of whether it is possible to fully live life if
I’m attached to belief systems. To me it seems when we believe this or that
asserted by the words of another person we are accepting and living their
version of life. This means we have stopped the journey because we now have
the answers. I don’t recall one single great teacher down through the ages
saying “here’s the final answer so you can stop searching”. Instead they all
said “keep searching and you will find the answers”. Teachers provide brain
food not final answers. We must each find the answers on our own. When we
belief or accept stuff we cannot experience or observe personally we
implicitly disbelieve other stuff which expands the duality model and
creates unnecessary conflict. 

Today I see each and every one of the millions and millions of life forms
making up the man as an integral and essential part of the man. Man is a
bazillion life forms held together by a design and forces of the cosmos.
These life forms are different and behave in different ways. Therefore it
can be said the man is each part and each part is the man. There is only

The same can be said for the world. Each man is an integral and essential
part of the world and therefore man is the world and the world is man. It is
man who makes the world what it is just as it is the micro life forms within
man that make him what he is. 

We are not separate. This model can be extended to the solar system, the
universe, the cosmos and so on. As above so below. 

Therefore all things, from the smallest to the largest are an essential and
integral part of the one at the far end of this unity model. This means each
part is that ultimate all. That ultimate is unknowable for now and perhaps
for eternity. 

At least this is so for me. Now if a person chooses to refer to this
ultimate as “god” then each and every part is that same “god”. This means
each man, as well as my cucumber is that “god”.  Therefore if one man views
this “god” as stern while another humorous why isn’t that “god” both
humorous and stern at the same time? 

After all, and according to the Key, the ultimate is infinite and absolute
everything therefore inconceivable and without form or definition because
that would place boundaries on it and thereby make it not absolute. In other
words it is more of an abstraction than the “god” of theology.

It seems man’s more serious problems surround the idea of a divine creator
“god” or “gods” out there or up there which are separate from me. Those
“gods” have control over all things and it is thru his/her will that stuff
happens and that he/she is like this or that and expects this or that
behavior of man. If this is so then those “gods” are not the absolute
because they have boundaries. This seems to be the direct result of mans
belief systems and some external authority. This situation is not a
surprising thing since most of us in the west have been taught the external
“god” model from the day were born; “One Nation Under God”! Religion seems
this way by design also. It seems to be about conformity with a specific
belief system and to hell with everything else. It seems the real truth is
more along the lines of things being the way they are because we make them
that way. This includes the ideas of a separate self and an external “god”
including all the conflicts that come with these ideas. 

[dtb	See S D   I   570 - 575  COOPERATIVE DHYANIS  oversee (not rule) the
Universe and each "world." ]

This may all sound like just another belief system but the truth is anyone
can observe the unity model in action by observing what is going on in the
world today, by observing what happens with excessive self-serving interests
or by observing what happens to the body when its normal behavior interfered
with. We cannot fix the problem by treating the symptom. We must understand
and deal with the root cause of the problem. We could say man is the root
cause but man is only the mechanism through which the problems manifest. To
me the root cause seems to be more closely related to belief systems being
forced on people. This forcing is accomplished thru parenting, education and
religion as well as war. So the one question I would ask every person in the
world is; what can you do to be a role model of respect for different belief
systems existing in a harmonious and beneficial manner? 

Enjoy life, live your own life for the benefit of all and you will live it
for the benefit of yourself as well.



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