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Jake on Dan and Silent Editing

Jul 27, 2006 03:25 PM
by danielhcaldwell


You write:

I don't see how small changes such as
de Zirkoff does in changing sanskrit spelling,
can compare with big changes - as in Dan's
recent book, of leaving out whole sentences
or the like. Dan is lumping them in the same
category, (which he knows they are not)
JUST TO WIN THE ARGUMENT. This seems to be
a thing with DC, he wants to win the argument,
using logic, even though the spirit of the
truth of the matter is lost along the way."

Oh, so now Jake, you KNOW .... you KNOW that I want to win the 
argument using logic, even though the spirit of the truth, blah blah 

And then you add "(which he [Dan] knows they are not)"!!!

Again I'm glad you KNOW what I know!  Did I tell you this in
your dream or just when did I tell you this item of info that you 
now give?

No I'm sorry Jake you don't know.  You may be guessing or 
speculating or jumping to conclusions but you don't really know...Or 
are you now psychic or a Mahatma and can read my thoughts??

My only point in giving examples was simply to show that they
are all examples of silent editing. Period.

I SUPPOSE there are degrees of silent editing. Some better..some 
worse. That is another subject if you want to discuss it. I will try 
to think about it.  Or do you already know what I know before I know 
it???  :)

I'm glad to be informed that you don't consider the "small changes" 
Boris made as a big deal.  But some students do!  I have been 
lectured before by certain ULT students about how terrible, etc. 
Boris' silent editing was, blah, blah, blah.

Even Walter Carrithers didn't consider Boris' changes as only "small 

At least from my point of view Boris told us in this prefatory 
material that editing was being done. He alerted the reader so if 
the reader cares he can compare etc.

As to the silent editing in my ESOTERIC WORLD again I told the 
reader what I was doing.  And I still have mixed opinions about 
dots...or no dots....   But since these were just the reminiscences 
of people and just selected excerpts I think readablity is a major 

When I do a third edition I think I will continue to leave the 
dots ... out since I simply want to tell the story of some of the 
fascinating events in HPB's life.  Students and scholars who want to 
read the entire article or selection can go to the original 
sources.  It was never my intent to reproduce all of the originals 
anyway in ESOTERIC WORLD....but I have reproduced many of the texts 
complete unabridged on my website.

If all the other good features of my book are overshadowed in your 
mind by that silent editing, then so be it.  Too bad you and others 
critical of my book never mentioned all the rare material to be 
found in my book...some of it never reprinted in over 100 
years....oh well can't please everybody....


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