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Bruce X Theosophistry

Jul 27, 2006 02:05 PM
by carlosaveline


Thanks for your thoughtful text and your insights. 

After all, it should not be too difficult for everyone to understand that attacking the teacher is but a technique to attack the teaching. 

And to present Theosophy as if disconneted from Ethics is absolute Sophistry, conscious or unconscious. It is poison. 

Theosophy is not about words -- it is about living. 

Regards,  Carlos.


Data:Wed, 26 Jul 2006 20:07:34 -0000

Assunto:Theos-World Gossip and authority

> It seems to me that gossip is the repitition of what one has heard
> without attempt at verification. It may be that what one has heard is
> wrong, and it may also be that one misunderstood the context and repeats
> in a misleading way. Context can refer to the rest of the letter or
> work from which something is derived and if we are talking about a
> letter or article that is not current, then in addition an historical
> context for the letter or article would be important.
> Even the devil can quote scripture in order to lend legitimacy to an
> evil act. He simply takes a passage out of context. This is not
> something of which most people are unaware, yet it is something to which
> we all at one time or another fall prey or practice, unconsiously or
> otherwise. The repetition of a series of quotes across time, whether
> verified or not, can be terribly misleading without an analysis of the
> historical context. Without an analysis of context, one could arrive at
> thousands of possible meanings. Often, if not always, the most obvious
> implications of a series of quotes are in no way an accurate reflection
> of the intent of the writer.
> Gossip can be no verification of source, or it can refer to no context
> or improper context - you can't deny the accuracy of the words, but
> there is no way that they were delivered in order to present the implied
> meaning.
> Again, personal attacks should not be tolerated in the Thesophical
> Movement. It is because they were tolerated and perpetrated by Olcott
> and Besant against Blavatsky and Judge that we continue to mimic such
> behavior even today. This is what undermines each of our own
> Self-Authority and gives rise to external authorities who can judge the
> worth of others as I previously argued:
> This was a deliberate act by the enemies of the Theosophical Society. 
> When theosophists accepted this, they allowed the enemies of theosophy
> to grab hold of the tail of the dog, and we have been wagged ever since.
> The attacks on Judge and Blavatsky are historical issues, but much more
> importantly they are philosophical issues.
> The result of this undermining of theosophical principles is that
> theosophical leaders can have conversations like the interesting example
> given to us by Carlos:
> The crux of the conversation seems to be how can we clean up
> theosophical books so that we can attract new members without upsetting
> the Besant & Leadbeater members that we already have? On what authority
> do these leaders think they can start editing the works of theosophical
> writers? Have they not missed the whole point of theosophy? They have
> that authority because we gave it to them when we refused to protect the
> reputations of Blavatsky and Judge. That is why it is so important that
> we re-open the Judge case and start " using one's time and energy on
> events long past" as Radha puts it. It is not important as a historical
> issue, it is important as a fundamental principle of theosophy.
> Perhaps this is why members of the Movement are beginning to turn away
> from the repetition of gossip, such as Carlos has pointed out by drawing
> our attention to the recent commentary from England:
> Books such as this are simply disquised emotional blackmail designed to
> give authority to self-proclaimed experts who humbly submit that they
> are simply interested in allowing everyone arrive at their own truth on
> this matter. That the matter is a personal matter and NOT a
> theosophical matter seems to escape everyone.
> Bruce
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