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Praising Words for Crosbie & Derogatory Remarks for Tingley???

Jul 27, 2006 01:29 PM
by danielhcaldwell

Praising Words for Crosbie 
& Derogatory Remarks for Tingley???

Just yesterday Dallas wrote the following concerning
Mr. Crosbie and Mrs. Tingley.  

Notice how Dallas praises Mr. Crosbie and makes what
some would consider "derogatory" remarks about Mrs. Tingley.

>From my contact with Boris de Zirkfoff, Iverson L. Harris
and Emmett Small (all deep students of Blavatsky's writings),
I have no doubt that they would consider such an assessment
of Mrs. Tingley certainly "derogatory" say the least....

In a future post I will show that some of Dallas' statements are 
certainly not accurate and in fact Dallas' recital gives a very one-
sided and partisan "retelling" of certain historical events, etc.

BELOW are Dallas' remarks.


....Mr. Crosbie supported Mr. Judge's principles fully. He acted as 
one of the "witnesses on the scene." He, kept the "link" of pure 
Theosophy "unbroken," after Mr. Judge's death.

The hints given by W.Q.J. during his life in regard to Crosbie were 
not grasped by those around him, who had what they fancied to be 
their own positions. And, in addition, seemed to be glamoured and 
deluded by the psychic powers Mrs. Tingley exhibited (she had only 
been a member for only a year prior to Mr. Judge's death)....

Mr. Neresheimer had introduced Mrs. Tingley to W. Q. J. about a year 
before his death. She became a member of the T S. She was a psychic 
and apparently did not have a very profound knowledge of 
Theosophical philosophy.

She had been of help to Mr. Judge during the last year of his life 
which was spent in great discomfort and illness. However this gave 
her no special "position" in regard to the management of the T.S....

Considering the close relationship that existed between Mr. Crosbie 
and Mr. Judge, and the special position that Mr. Crosbie occupies in 
the Theosophical Movement of modern times, one wonders whether Mr. 
Crosbie might not be considered a "shepherd" who was following his 
straying "flock." And when that "flock" dispersed, the "shepherd" 
went in search of a new one....

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